9 Illustrations About ‘Things We Should Stop Saying To Men’ Goes Viral

Men are also humans! They have needs, wants, and do have feelings or perhaps emotions. We often forget the mentioned above about them, mostly as gender stereotypes have portrayed men as substantial meathead muscle houses. However, you will be beyond naïve if you ever think or believe that men aren’t always affected by words. Certain things can be said to women, but men appear not to have the luxury of such protection. 

For the significant part, women mainly see men as fair game as they can take anything and stay calm. It doesn’t work like that anymore, and there are indeed things that shouldn’t or never be said to a man. To commemorate International Men’s Day, a club identified as The Yellow Club has raised a campaign by illustrating the things we shouldn’t say to men. The club which fights for accessible and affordable mental healthcare for everyone has proven that words might not break bones but can make men unemotional. 

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Yellow Club illustrate the things that do more harm than good to men's mental health

The Yellow Club perfectly highlighted the struggles that men in today’s world are faced with. Touching on the unrealistic standards of keeping all of their emotions perfectly, the club claims men suffer in stoic silence when under pressure. According to the Club, men shouldn’t be placed on a pedestal but looked at realistically, including being raw, vulnerable, and imperfect. Seeing men as humans can undeniably take a lot of weight from their shoulders, and indeed they can then become open and honest about their feelings and thoughts instead of hiding behind them. 

‘Let’s stop asking men never to show emotions. Let’s ask them how they are feeling. Treat men as humans. Emotional, prone to mistakes, uncertainty, fear, and yes, humans who are capable and want to at times cry.’ The Yellow Club urged. Nevertheless, this isn’t to say that toughness, perseverance, grit, and fortitude, among others, aren’t essential life skills to have. They, of course, can significantly help pave the way to becoming successful. On the other hand, the expectation that every man is a master of toughness should be lessened as much pressure can result in more harm than good.