26 Times Restaurants Served Food In The Most Crazy Ways

A location we’ve all missed amid the global lockdown is restaurants. There’s nothing more fun than having delicious meals with zero-effort. Dining out can be nice once in a while, and some restaurants tend to offer the perfect dining experience. But sometimes, that experience turns the opposite as restaurant owners know this isn’t everything clients are hunting for these days. The restaurant business is presently fierce as every establishment is trying hard to outdo their competitors, giving clients something they’ve never seen before. 

When dining at a good restaurant, good food, ethereal presentation, and excellent service is highly anticipated. Many people with a curious nature tend to try something different to create long-lasting memories of foodie dreams. But it turned out, a few restaurants have gone quite far with their servings, and instead of being innovative, they ended up being creepy. We’ve compiled 26 of the best ones, and they’re guaranteed to make you LOL!

Bread Chips Arranged On A Comb

Ralph_Cane -Via

Guess It Has To Be Edible Plates Only

Navity7 -Via

The Serving Of Ramen In The Traditional Way

m0uzer2 -Via

This Looks Yummy, But Then It’s A Cake You Eat With Faces

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There’s Technically A Plate. So Why?

Covandu -Via

Meat Pies Are Now Hanged With Pegs

jranchy420 -Via

The Reddit community ‘We Want Plates’ is dedicated to foodies, and its members have been joining forces, raising concern as to why restaurants should serve meals on actual plates and not on roof tiles or bits of wood. And in achieving this, the group is shaming all the absurd food presentations online. Created by Ross McGinnes in 2015, the now-viral community has amassed over 30K followers on Instagram, 157K followers on Twitter, and 100K followers on Facebook. 

Are Customers Supposed To Lick The Glass Clean?

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Breakfast In Served But In A Dog Dish

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This Was Dubbed The Best But This Looks Like A Kitchen Sink

EFIRE23 -Via

Does This Even Count At All?

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Old School Friend Just Shared This….Abomination

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Restaurant In Las Vegas Served Meal In A Shoe

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From bread chips on a comb to serving Ramen in a watermelon, the community's growth is quite a good indication that restaurants should think deeply before serving a dish in a shoe. Besides, these chefs did fire up all of their creative cylinders in a bid to establish plenty of goodness to feast eyes on. The food itself, according to Merai01, one of the group moderators, isn’t the only cornerstone of dining as presentation is crucial as well. 

You Can Now Eat Pizza In A Jar

DuxLupin -Via

Chips In A Pine Cone. Really?

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Have A Look At The Cursed Cocktail

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The Grossed Chicken Fingered


How Is This Restaurant Rated 4.7/5

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Here’s Fries In A Maison Jar. This Is Quite Messy

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This Butter Shrimp On Cans Is Sold For $37

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Food Serving On A Table. This Is Welcome To Hell Part 1

Oontnic -Via

A good meal is inspired first by an incredible presentation, but an overly excessive display can weaken one’s desire for the dinner. Food that can’t be consumed without messing up the table is an instant turn-off for many people. Accordingly, food mounted or pinned is a no go area for a few. However, the line between creativity and ridiculous is thin, as creativity can hinder the meal's enjoyment. 

Which of these food servings turned you off?

The Eggcelent Friend Bitterballen

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Appetizer Served On A Box Of Uncooked Potatoes

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'My Hand Was Cleaned Before This Assembly’

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This Is Tiramisu Looking Like A Plant. The Top Layer Is Crushed Oreos. But’s What The Goal?

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Bagel Filled With Cheese Is Mounted Like A Deer Over A Bowl Of Tomato Soup

taarquinn -Via

The one vegetarian entrée at this restaurant is served inside the shell of a dead sea creature.