30 Epic Makeup Fails That Are Way Too Hilarious

Makeup is supposed to make one appear suitable. But as it’s said, too much of a good thing isn’t best either. Many people tend to go overboard with their makeup, and instead of looking attractive, they end up appearing like clowns. If you haven’t ever stumbled upon people with heavy makeup, a Subreddit group titled: Bad Makeup Artists is dedicated to the expose. Undoubtedly, makeup can make a woman’s day or spoil it. Being the best antidote in covering up imperfections, makeup has proven it can be both a best friend as well as an enemy. 

When you look at these hilarious makeup fails, you will tell that makeup can be an enemy without a doubt. If you are quite keen about applying cosmetics on your face, but you stand on the novice list, it’s best to consult professional assistance or perhaps take a makeup course. You wouldn’t want to appear dumb, having transformed your face into a painting book. Have a look at the hilarious makeup fails ever, and do brace up for some jaw drop.

‘It’s Not A Bad Look But All That Highlight Above The Lip Looks Like A Milk Mustache’

coolsoop -Via

Whoever Did This Makeup For The Show Should Be Sued

Depraysie -Via

Right Is Her Natural Skin Color While Left Color Is….Yikes

iliedim-dyinginside -Via

‘In The Trailer For New Season Of KUWTK: Girl, You OWN A Makeup Company. How Can You Get This Wrong?

JaneOLantern -Via

‘They Did Her Dirty.’ Check Out Her Face And Skin Color

tuttisofi -Via

Moderators of Bad Makeup Artists explains that bad makeup possibly means different things to different people, adding that the subreddit group does have a wide variety of posts. Specifically, the page exposes makeups that aren’t applied skillfully, horrible foundation color match, lack of blending, and even messy lines, among others. People, however, do submit photos for a laugh or to troll their non-favorite celebrities. 

The Awful Color Match

replickady -Via

She Visited The Worst Reviewed Makeup Artist In Her City

mangobutter6179 -Via

This Is The Worst Thing Ever Seen On Explore Page

maddie_na -Via

'I Am A Dude And Don’t Know Anything About Makeup. But I Am Assuming Your Face Isn’t Meant To Look Like Goggle’s Tan’

Goofyjeff4 -Via

If You Look At It, It Gets Worse The More

Fystikovoutiro -Via

‘I Feel Violated. Posted In One Of The Makeup Online Groups’

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It takes a lot of time to look beautiful. But these makeup fails will make you realize the depth at which some people can appear gorgeous. And when it does come to makeup hacks, the internet has an endless repository of video tutorials and even do-it-yourself lessons. But people eventually realize that reality is indeed a far cry from the expectation. 

This Is Like Putting Two Coins On Top Of The Eyelids

kwazaa -Via

The Foundation Blend Isn’t Even Close. Quite Muddy As Seen

coffeediva98 -Via

The Reality Of The Power Of Makeup

Prototyping_it -Via

There’s Much To Unpack Here

bsuri08 -Via

Spot The Glaring Difference In Skin Tone

buymeachocolatedonut -Via

Mirrors nor cameras don’t lie! This makes it mind-boggling when you see people who confidently parade with horrible makeup on their faces. The worst makeup is real, and it can happen to anyone. Besides, the application of those multitudes of color properly can be quite tricky than it seems. Beauty is in a beholder's eye; still, the most tolerable beholder can have their limits when faced with disastrous makeup.  

Look How Orange You Look, Mr. President

corgicheer -Via

This Makeup Smells Like Beef

AccomplishedAioli -Via

It Seems Beef Have been Left Out Too Long On Lips

callmedeniro -Via

Makeup Artist Did Her So Dirty

makeupformermaids -Via

If You The Previous Are Bad, Have A Look At This One

machocereals -Via

She’s Like Eight Shades Darker Than Her Hand

Conde81 -Via

This Deserves Some Award

ielongatedmylifthome -Via

Nevertheless, these makeup fails are super hilarious and will have you laughing out loud. On the other hand, they will make you wonder what these people were even thinking and make you want to be conscious about your appearance as you wouldn’t want to be a matter of laugh. Do you enjoy our compilation of imperfections? 

James, You Can’t Be This Serious With Such Foundation Color?

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This Is A BIG NO! NO!! NO!!

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Spotted On SVU, Woman’s Color Blend Is Heinous

viennalabeef -Via

‘As A Mom, I’d Be Raging Trying To Remove The Foundation From Her School Shirt!’

Katierippe -Via

You Would The Makeup Artists For Their Show Would Do Better, But NO It’s Same

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A Woman Or A Man? The Mexican Politician

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Here’s Buzzfeed’s Geisha Makeup Vs. The Main Geisha Makeup

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