27 Hilarious Pics Show The Struggle Of Tall People

It isn’t easy when your physique doesn’t fit into the societal norms. For very tall individuals, the world will continually look like an obstacle course filled with objects to bang heads on. It’s often said that Planet Earth is a small world. So people whose height is a bit higher than the average will gladly confirm it’s true as the hitting of heads on ceilings, feeling discomfort on flights and rides, and feeling unrelaxed while taking a bath remains inevitable. 

But being tall can also be a definite advantage. You can see at concerts and reach for things up high on the shelf in stores. Either way, both short and tall individuals have to compromise on things, but compiled here are some of the things only tall people have to deal with. Here are a bunch of photos of how these people manage to live in our world, and it turned out it’s not as simple as you imagined. Take a look!

Dad Made A Raised Cutting Board From My 6’8 BF. Hunching Over The Counters Eradicated’

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Japan Wasn’t Made For People With 6’7” Height

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The Season Of Being Clotheslined With Christmas Decoration

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It’s Bad When There's Shower In The Ceiling, And Still You Can’t Fit

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Tall People And Jumping On The Work Desk

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Short people do have their struggles to cry about, especially as being tall is everything. But even tall people do have their struggles, and it’s evident through these hilarious photos. Short people wish to become taller, but tall people desperately want to become a bit shorter. Being the actual definition of too much of a good thing is a bad thing, tall height can significantly interfere with daily living. 

‘Went To Prague With A Friend Who’s 7’4” In Height’

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‘After Several Years Of Marriage. It’s Nice To Sit At The Table And Hold Hands’

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New Apartment And The Shower Made For 6’1”

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Who Does The Dishes Like This?

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Being Tall Make You Become Your Door

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Tall people have problems, and a subreddit group r/TallPeopleProblems has been dedicated to sharing the problems. The group, which features tall people kneeling to use the ATM to tall people folding themselves to fit into an airplane seat, has proven that they don’t have it all easy as short people think. 

New Apartment Owner & Her Mini Fridge

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How Uncomfortable And Embarrassing!

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The Gorgeous Photo Both Of Gf 6’2 And Boyfriend 6’6

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Here’s A Tall Tourist Using An ATM

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Has Brain.exe Stopped Work?

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You Can But Imagine What’s Like For This Guy Up There!

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A few of these photos shows that being tall can be quite a fascinating case. Human height has been steadily increasing over the past two centuries, and it’s associated with health and nutrition. Between the years 1896 and 1996, the European and Central Asian Men were recognized as the most massive gains in height, overtaking North American men. 

Here’s A Pretty Cute Couple. BF & 6’4 GF On A Formal Date

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Tall Guy Took The Whole Spotlight

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The Aftermath Of Dating A 6’5” When You’re 5’5”

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It Can Be A Little Awkward To Stand In The Stall & Make Eye Contact With People Washing Hands

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Don’t Mind This Guy; He’s Just Passing By

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The Secondary Mirror Specifically For The Tree Beings

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History abounds with tales of tall men and women, but it’s only in the past couple of years that medical explanations for the phenomenon emerged. While height is, of course, the desired trait for many as well as a requirement for some professions, these people's struggles would surely make you think twice about wishing to become taller. We hope you enjoyed our compilation. 

‘Lived In A Traditional Japanese House For Two Months. There Were Lots Of Wooden Beams Exposed’

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Guatemalan International Departures Sign Wasn’t Made For Tall People

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Picture With GF And Her Dad

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‘They Wanted Me To Get In A Co-worker’s Car For The Incredible Moment. I Am 6’7”

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‘Colleagues Are Sometimes Mistaken As My Children’

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