People Are Supporting Johnny Depp With 30 Hilarious Memes While Others Disagree

Hollywood Actor Johnny Depp has lost the libel suit he filed in London against newspaper The Sun. The news agency had run an article dubbing him a ‘wife-beater,’ referencing his relationship with ex-wife Amber Heard. The whole incident was an awful case as it pulled both actors' personal lives into the headlines. Amber Heard, at age 22, had met Johnny Deep when he was aged 45. Johnny, at that time, was a father of two living with partner Vanessa Paradis. But a few years later, Depp and Heard got married but soon filed for divorce. 

Specifically, the high court dismissed the claim by the Pirates of the Caribbean actor for compensation as The Sun proved that the things published about Depp were all genuine. Of the 14 alleged assaults heard in the open court, the sitting judge discovered that twelve of them met with the threshold for truth in the civil court, but interestingly Depp’s attorneys have decided to appeal. 

While 57-Year-Old Depp is also suing Heard for defamation in a United States court, having identified herself as a survivor of physical violence,  it, however, appear that a lot of people are standing by him. Social media platforms are trending with hilarious memes about the subject matter, supporting the well-known actor. On the other hand, a few showed they disagree with the support while also airing their opinion on the UK libel suit. Besides, are you for or against Actor Depp? 

In an open statement, Johnny Depp revealed that he had been asked to resign which essentially means he’s been fired.



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