20 Hilarious Comics By ‘Bits & Pieces’ With Dark Endings

Webcomics Bits & Pieces features controversial subject matter, including pop culture, programming, Coronavirus, US Elections, and anything trending. Harry from Michigan, the brain behind Bits & Pieces, describes his artwork as a group of nerds taking a bite out of life. He’s a software engineer amid the day, and at night he’s an artist. Harry has been drawing since childhood but moved into the software universe for a career pursuit. Aside from Harry, his comics equally contain two other masterminds, which are Ali and Carly. Ali is a Ph.D. student in Cryptography, while Carly is a Ph.D. student in Cancer Research.

You certainly will love these comics, if perhaps you are a nerd of both pop culture and games. We’ve compiled the trio’s 20 newest, and we do hope they delight you. Enjoy!

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The trio had met in high school and believed that their collaboration would be an advantage over other creators worldwide. The aim is being able to express artistic thoughts that couldn’t be shown in a professional atmosphere. Harry, Ali, and Carly describe themselves as witty human beings; hence they are willing to be creative while also sharing some good laughs with the world. For the most part, Bits and Pieces' humor is often relatable, such as the global pandemic and its effect on people.