20 Hilariously Bad Designs That Shouldn’t Have Exist

Before deciding how a book cover or a doormat will appear, you should reexamine the draft countless times. You wouldn’t want to end up on the list of bad designers from across the globe. However, everyone isn't bestowed with the gift of style, creativity, and that’s why a lot of people heavily rely on designers. But then, things don’t quite go as plan as a few designers tend to break the heart of their employers. People trust designers because they know more about what’s best, but it turned out that not all designers are truly good with their job.

You can tell that errors can’t be revised from these lousy design examples. 20 hilarious ones are compiled in this article, highlighting that every professional designer deserves more credit than they get. Undeniably, designers make things appear simple to build, but there’s indeed more to designing than meets the eye.

How Do You Turn On The Projector With This Remote?

LachlanIsTheRealMVP -Via

This Guy Is Being Cut In Half By A Crappy Designer

mnms3 -Via

This Is A Hanging Seat, But It Appears Like A Unicorn Is Hanging Itself

Mortimmer -Via

Which Designer Fixed This Staircase? Quite Scary!

PythonRegal -Via

‘This Had Me Thinking Where The 3 Went’

samuraikai11 -Via

These designers must be absent-minded when undergoing their training. It’s known that a good design doesn’t just happen by chance; hence they should reconsider their career choice as designing isn’t evidently their callings. 

The Doormat That Will Make You Feel Confused Than Welcome


Rattlesnake Pillow Looks Like A Small Intestine

JinxLeMinx -Via

Here’s A Bus Stop In The Middle Of A Grass Field

Chain-Markov -Via

This Straw Looks Like It’s Been Collecting Dirt For Months

aeughbee -Via

This Clock Can You Chills! What Was The Designer Thinking?

Momoro24 -Via

Design is, of course, about communication. A designer needs to select the perfect elements in conveying his/her messages carefully. But these designers are the true definition of the opposite! 

The ATM Stand With A Backrest

d3yv3l -Via

School Yearbook Has A Grey Text On A Gray Background

ash_bway -Via

Designer Went Overboard With The Color Coordinating Of This Book Cover

thearkofvoid -Via

The Narrow Door To The Women’s Restroom

K0nichihuahua -Via

Title Slide For School’s Anti-Bullying Presentation Appear The Same

dru122 -Via

The wrong choice is made through the lack of attentiveness, resulting in confusing and hilarious interpretations. At different points, these mistakes can be so visible that anyone outside the process would wonder how the work got signed off. If you don’t want to waste your earnings, avoid bad designers.  

What’s This Store Selling? House Plants Or Cowboy Boots?

JudenConnor -Via

Designer Who Made This Bathroom Doesn’t Seem To Like Tall People

560guy -Via

This Book Will Give Children The Wrong Idea About Fire Hydrants

fizzmore -Via

The Daily Pill Organizer Is Both Nightmarish & Confusing

DonkeyWorker -Via

Air Vent Right Over A Soldier Face. Is This An Honor Or ….?

tsitpab -Via

The imagination of charting a different course can be frightening, but these designers shouldn’t instantly seek a new career path. The mentioned above remains the only probable explanation for these design fails that will boggle your mind as well as make you laugh out loud.