32 Interesting Horror Comics About A Small Town Hiding Dark Secrets

Apart from superheroes, one category has equally ruled the comic book universe. The category is horror, and since Halloween has passed, it’s time to pay tribute to some great horror comics ever published. A few groundbreaking horror comics will scare the feces out of people, but comics are indeed perfect for horror as a visual medium. Let’s introduce you to Artist Dora. M. Mitchell, whose Instagram name is ‘InkyBeast.’  

Her recent series hinged on a small town hiding awful secrets has made a wave on the internet, and we couldn’t also resist sharing. Majorly, Dora’s comics are filled with creepy, small-town secrets, and they’re what every dark humor lover will appreciate. Her latest comics feature Amanda, a girl who dislikes her new hometown - Ninecrow. But as she explored the new environs, Amanda sensed something wrong as everyone she met with is either old or oddly disfigured.

After her parent’s separation, Amanda and her mom relocated to an isolated town located in the center of nowhere. The little girl couldn’t figure out what brought them there, and it wasn’t as if her mom got a new job nor family or friends there. However, Amanda started observing things, including strange lights in the woods far above the town, and it seems no one else notices. Shockingly, girls around her age regularly go missing, becoming a subject matter for Amanda to ponder on. Dora did these short stories during Inktober, and here we’ve collated them for your perusal. Do read on, and perhaps it might give you chills! 

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