'Hot’ Moms And Daughters Are Confusing People As They Can't Tell Who's Who

Tiktok, the impossible-to-ignore, 2 billion strong platforms leveraging a massive sheltering-at-home audience hungry for new content. Dominated by teenagers and twenty-somethings with huge Instagram followings, TikTok offers a major new outlet for self-expression, one proudly home to the silly, the loud, and goofy.

Even with the constantly emerging trends in the booming app, one particular video keeps growing in numbers challenging the status quo. This is the 'hot mum' trend putting glam parents front and center and challenges viewers to guess who's who.

Emma Cimperman (R) posed alongside her mum In A Tiktok Video

Many clips feature smug daughters and their age-defying mums posing side-by-side and engaging the audience in a guessing game to determine which is the mum - but the striking resemblance between the two makes it almost impossible to discern who is who.

Mother-daughter Duo With Striking Similarity (Lexi, right, and her mum, left)

Among the mother-daughter duos leaving fans baffled is American tiktoker Lexie Culp, who has  stumped many TikTok users with her clips alongside her mum, who many say looks more like her twin than her mother
Lexi shared a clip writing "she had me at 14" and appeared on camera before stepping away for her mum. 

The look-a-like pair then hugged and giggled as they showed off their striking resemblance, leaving the audience stunned by their likeness.

Lexi Culp, A Tiktoker Shared A clip Using The hashtag, To Show Viewers Her Youthful Mom

TikTok twin duo Brooklyn and Bailey (L) poses alongside Her Mum Mindy (R)

Similarly, another tiktoker  Emma Cimperman shared a compilation of clips showing off her mum's perfect physique and young-charming smile.

Emma shows herself on camera before snapping to a shot with her mum wearing a cropped t-shirt and leggings as they strike a pose and dance in front of the camera.

Jenny Mcloughlin, 42, Became Porpular After Featuring In her Daughter Millie's video

The clip has since racked up almost 90k 'likes' with many expressing left wondering how it was possible.

"That's not your mum," one person wrote, while another shared: "That's gotta be your friend or sister."

Polina (L) Couldnt Stop Gushing Over Her Mum's Youthful Looks

User Demi (R) Filmed Her 'hot mum' Busy With House Chores Before Posing For A Snap With Her

Demi Revealed Her Mum Was 15 When She Gave Birth To Her

While many of the clips challenge viewers to pick the two apart, some daughters are just proud to show off their "beautiful" mums performing dances, challenges commonly performed by the often younger Tiktok users.

TikTok User Mishka Silva (R) Claims Her Mum (L) Is The 'Hottest' Mum

But even for those not using the viral tag, it seems mums no longer need coercion to join TikTok as their Popularity steadily rises in the teen-dominated platform.

Evelyn, 19, Showed off Her Beautiful Mum In Her Work Uniform

Many moms are joining family members to star in  TikTok videos that have become a thing possibly drawn to the video-sharing app to escape boredom. 
One mum, Jenny Mcloughlin, 42, has become a TikTok superstar thanks to dancing in videos with her daughter during the lockdown.

Tia Christofi (R) from Melbourne, Australia Looking All Glam Alongside her Equally Elegant Mum

Grace Uribe, 24, and her mum (L) looked exactly alike

Her daughter, Milli-Jo’s Tiktok followers, has since risen from 2,000 to 224,000, while one video of them together with Milli-Jo’s older sister Megan, 19, has racked up just shy of 14 million views alone.