19 Times Designers Unimpressed People With Their Awful Designs

You’ll agree that designing a space isn’t easy and that’s why construction projects require a lot of time, importantly skilled people. It can be a fun experience when it comes down to reflecting one’s personality, but apparently, some homeowners have gone one step too far in an attempt to get something unique. Some of the awful bathroom, home, bedroom fails have been unveiled and it certainly should spoil your mood.

These 20 design fails are unbelievable and they’re downright annoying. We can only hope the brain behind them have since learned their mistakes or perhaps changed their career route. Meanwhile, someone might get a good laugh out loud from these terrifying design mistakes, hence do have a look and enjoy our compilation. On the other hand, ensure you think things through when doing a little renovation in your home.

Took Way Too Long To Buzz The Apartment Wanted

noimactuallyanadult -Via

Couch In Our Hotel Room. And No, It Doesn’t Separate

willpalm6 -Via

Let’s Glue The Window & Placed The Pillar Over It

lilmonix375 -Via

Bathroom In Abuja’s Aldo Restaurant. Evidently For Friends

hentias -Via

Toilet In An Apartment In Tbilisi, Georgia Is Located Beside A Rock

archi_shark -Via

Landlord Is Apparently A Lover Of Pet In His Home

Tony_Kartony -Via

The Window Of A Bathroom

xd-julfer52 -Via

Grand Window Curtains For Just This Tiny Window

snoryder8019 -Via

This Stairs To The Roof Café Is Truly Hilarious

MedicallyInducedComa -Via

The Shower In My Cabin’s Bedroom

NotThe_Father -Via

Toilet And Shower Found In The Balcony Of A Rented Villa, Thailand

Mrs_Skylapker -Via

A Hostel Situated In Budapest, Hungary

Izumkina1 -Via

The Awful Kitchen And Shower Space

Tulunovka -Via

The Hotel With All Essential Facilities

5858446A -Via

Socket Located Between The Shelves Of A Kitchen Drawer

afonins -Via

Is This Balcony Occupied By Vampires?

ukrainiangektor -Via

Stairs At An Hotel Room Can Be Used At Night

Zvek_Eagle -Via

Pants House Is Always On Sale. Are You Interested?

ItsMinnieYall -Via

Gap In The Wall Actually Leads To The Bedroom

felixd_h -Via