30 Times People Captured Hilariously Weirdest Things Instagrammers Do For Photos

Humans are living in an awkward age and if you anywhere, you’ll certainly see people taking mirror selfies at gas stations, in a restroom, and even by the edge of bridges. A few have gone to the extent of casually walking a pose in the middle of a busy street and of course, the aforesaid type of people are dubbed influencers. Influencers are people who will go the ends of the earth just to get a shot of themselves. These people are downright cringy, relentless and it doesn’t appear anyone can stop them.

Besides, the struggle is truly real as their social media pages need perfect photos to entice their hungry followers. So documenting just how bizarre the world influencers is, an Instagram account titled ‘Influencers In The Wild’ has been sharing photos, including videos of the weird things they do in order to get the perfect shot. So we’ve compiled the most hilarious ones from the account with over 3.5million followers for your perusal. Brace up for a good laugh!

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It’s The $4 Hamburger Guy

influencersinthewild,nate.lucero -Via

Influencer Got Baptized

brittanie.nash -Via

The Zoom Feature Is For Shot Like This Sir

influencersinthewild,kn.wildlife -Via

The Harsh Reality Of A Beach Influencer

influencersinthewild,__l_n_ -Via

Cape Of Good Hope Turns Out Hilarious

influencersinthewild,hannahcebull -Via

Completely Inappropriate, Right?

influencersinthewild,sweetcar0lyn -Via

A Formal Complaint Against Mankind Should Be Filed

influencersinthewild,ivenhays -Via

Kitten Said Enough Is Enough

influencersinthewild,ln_k8r -Via

Just Imagine The Final Result

influencersinthewild,tarapeutic -Via

The Good Old Fashioned Wave Crash

influencersinthewild,sitara_hewitt -Via

The Making Of A Montreal Appears Good

influencersinthewild -Via

The Volcano Protector Of All Time

influencersinthewild,rachelynh -Via

Is That Jack Sparrow’s Baby?

influencersinthewild,white_pepper -Via

D**D Mother Ashes In Your Face Babe. Is This A Metaphor?

influencersinthewild,shesachampion -Via

Evidently Doomed From The Beginning

influencersinthewild,noelleoninsta -Via

The Early Morning Sunshine Photo

influencersinthewild,linalegg -Via

Apparently, Here’s An Influencer In The Wild

influencersinthewild,francety -Via

Hope The Ballet Dancer Remembered To Make A Wish?

influencersinthewild,maddiemonti_ -Via

The Moment Of A Good Run

influencersinthewild -Via

Hope It Was Worth It, After All?

influencersinthewild -Via

Influencers Now Turned Merman. Nature Is Truly Healing!

influencersinthewild,rogerh1955 -Via

This Isn’t Working! A Big NO

influencersinthewild,ihalawi23 -Via

All For The Likes And Comments

influencersinthewild -Via

The Flight Routine Session Goes Wrong

influencersinthewild -Via

The Inevitable Moment. Apparently Bound To Happen

influencersinthewild,leor_saghian -Via

This Is A 100% Commitment

influencersinthewild,laurrrenhunter -Via

Babe, You Shouldn’t Have Dragged The Buddha Into This

influencersinthewild,thatonetattooedgirl -Via

Why Coachella Did Got Cancelled? More Of This Content Would Have Emerged

influencersinthewild,littlemiss_ky -Via

Glass High Heels, Long Pole, Low Tide & Garbage Truck = The Perfect Photo

influencersinthewild,scott__beach -Via

A 0% Chance Of Working Out Successfully

influencersinthewild,_ddsquad -Via