Woman Wears Corset 18 Hours A Day To Shrink Her 21.5-Inch Waist To 14-Inch

A mom-of-one who got fed up with her body frame is currently on a mission to have the world’s smallest waist, putting on a corset for 18hrs per day. Planning to shrink her 21.5 inches torso to 14 inches, Sammy Wilson from Georgia started waist training in April 2019 after feeling unhappy with her shape.

Sammy, who reportedly weighed an estimated 200 pounds squeezed into a corset, and now she’s determined to shrink her waist down to just 14 inches. ‘I actually want to have the smallest waist in the world. If I can get down to 14 inches, my waist will roughly be the same size as a newborn baby’s head and of course one inch smaller than the present world record.’ The 26-Year-Old said.

Sammy Wilson, 26, from Georgia wears a corset for 18hrs per day in a bid to have the smallest waist in the world

Sammy, with a son named Gabriel, started shedding weight in December 2018 and dropped down to size six in just six months. On seeing the result of another woman’s training on the internet, she went on to purchase her first-ever corset – 22 inches. 

‘When I first started I just wanted to put in the effort and purchase a 20-inch corset. But as I got there I wanted to keep going. And despite people’s comments, I think it has assisted my health incredibly. I used to be a terrible binge eater but I can’t binge eat while wearing this. It has amazingly helped my posture, my metabolism, and I won’t have a hump when older.’ 

‘My whole family has been supportive and my friends tend to tell me I appear unrecognizable. My mom even plans on getting her own corset, but I certainly feel more confident than ever before. Everyone wants to be remembered for something and I just want to have something that I can smile about and of course know that no one else has done it.’ The lab worker explained.

However, the Guinness World Record for the smallest waist on Earth is held by Cathie Jung, who has a 15-inch waist. On the other hand, Sammy admitted she often faces negativity from people who see on the street or when shopping in stores, but regardless she aimed at achieving her set goal. All the best Sammy!