20 Illustrations That Perfectly Draw Human's Addiction To Modern Technology

The internet came along and transformed our lives. Super slim televisions and smartphones have gradually become the standard across the world and undeniably modern technology has paved way for numerous multifunctional devices.

Accordingly, laptops are now preferred as its more portable, faster, and more powerful than the early-generation of computers. Evidently, modern technology equally has its cons, changing relationships, friendships, and even communication between people. Also affecting our general well-being, smartphones, TVs, and video games have become a great alternative for family and friends. 

Of course, if you are born after the internet or after smartphones emerged, then the aforesaid might not make much sense, but it’s indeed a thing to think of before it’s too late. Here we’ve compiled photos that perfectly highlight human’s addiction to modern technology with the expectation you think about which directions to take for the future. Do have a look!

The Smartphone Injection

Pawel Kuczynski -Via

Modern Technology And Breached Privacy

Asaf Hanuka -Via

Likes Addiction

Asaf Hanuka -Via


Pawel Kuczynski -Via

The Family Dining

jean_jullien -Via

The Technology Swing

John Holcroft -Via

Carry The Cross Alone

Marian Kamensky -Via

Can You Spot Yourself?

nerinadinunzio -Via

The Hungry Pikachu

Marian Kamensky -Via

Alone But Together

angelboligan -Via

Media Depression Remains Inevitable

Marian Kamensky -Via

Shall The Dance Begin?

angelboligan -Via

It’s The Season! Time For Tedious Work

/revelateurx -Via

Modern Technology At Its Peak

steve_cutts_official -Via

Social Media Activated

angelboligan -Via

Life Is More Fun Than The Likes

angelboligan -Via

Choices At Your Discretion

Marian Kamensky -Via

Technology Zombies

electroperro -Via

Parenting And Technology

patrick_martinez_studio -Via


sanvecino -Via