Artist's 15 Hilarious Comics Depict What Adulthood Is Really Like

Deep down we all have a nihilist inside of us, just waiting for that wrong moment to diagnose that life is meaningless.

Shenanigansen is a talented artist from Massachusetts who has unleashed his inner nihilist with a bunch of illustrations which show us that even the saddest moments can be quite funny with just a change of lenses.

His highly amusing illustrations depict the dilemmas of daily life and growing up. Often, the central character comes up against situations that are familiar to many of us, and his adventures are depicted with honesty and a healthy dose of sarcasm.

These scenarios are also quite thought-provoking, you might find yourself pick your brains a bit more.

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#1 Mornings are not always the best part of the day

#2 Ah, Not You Again Internet

#3 You can't fight what's defeated already

#4 Capitalism, The Real Test Of Sheer Will Power For The Modern Adult

#5 When You Find The Source of All Your Problems

#6 Help Is Always Around The Corner

#7 Adults Trying To Cope With Anxiety

#8 Brutal Internet Effect Summed up

#9 Motivation Can Be Quite Cunning Sometimes

#10When Someone Tells You To Eat Healthy

#11 When Someone Tells You To Take It Easy

#12 We All Happiness Right?

#13 When You Finally Muster The Will To Sort Out Your Life

#14 Making Friends As An Adult Is Gruesome

#15 A Short Story About Life and Self-esteem