25 Times Parents Receive Hilarious Notes From School Teachers

The scariest thing that could ever happen to any student is a teacher sending home a note to his/her parents. It’s safe to say that a lot of parents have no idea what goes on during the day while their kids are at school. And even when they return home, kids hardly reveal much of what transpired.

Undeniably, children can be sassy and awkward and will often do hilarious things in class. If you haven’t gotten into so much trouble that your teacher had to send a note home from school, then consider yourself very lucky – it’s apparent you’re a peacemaker or perhaps listen to given instructions carefully.

Turned out some kids, on the other hand, aren’t so lucky and their teachers sure know how best to hit back at them. Some parents have, however, taken to the internet to share the notes from school, providing details of what goes on during the day. We’ve compiled the 25 best and we hope you see what sort of mischief these kids got into that earned such funny notes. Take a look!

Madison Is Too Pretty To Work

Well, I’m Just Too Good Looking

Good Luck With That

Hamster Is As Fat As Your Mama Inappropriate Response

Dandy_Taters -Via

Never Let Your Friends Smell Your Chapstick

er_iicaaa -Via

Certainly Not The Best Day Back

mainestylemalloy -Via

Only Two Butts Was Drawn

jaycali_beauty -Via

The Potty Language

eyeofsandra -Via

Xavier Hates Fruits, We Guess!

tnt6977 -Via

The Student With Special Talents!

ketchupisveggie -Via

‘Demi Chopped Off Her Hair. So Sorry’

Amara & A Worm In Her Pocket

lizar777 -Via

Work Isn’t Fun For Josiah

jennynin -Via

With Charlotte, A Better Day Is Hoped For

tereacovington -Via

What’s Going On With This Kid?

josephcolandrea -Via

Bite My Big Metal A** From Futurama

foreignflowers -Via

The Biggest Booger Ball Contest

Allie In A Birthday Suit

amypilott -Via

Note From Teacher. Somewhat Hilarious!

ebimbib -Via

Tanner And The Dead Lizard

lmcfadin_xo -Via

Sh*t Head As A Compound Words, Really?

lizwhitmere -Via

The Hanzo Main Insult

lootgaminghq -Via

BM = Check Backpack

imgur.com -Via

The Good Vs. The Bad News Note

Wildo The Dildo

pahunt1978 -Via