19 Secret Spots People Make That Will Deter The Smartest Buglers

Protecting one’s valuables from potential burglars is crucial and regardless of being equipped with a security system in your home, there’s nothing wrong with extra protection. The purchase of an expensive safe is indeed good, but the better is you hiding stuff strategically around the house using the Do-It-Yourself concept. Be it cash, documents, or even jewelry, there are a lot of DIY ways to hide these pieces of stuff from even the cleverest thief.

From a quadruple secret compartment dice set for money-keeping to the kitchen floor with a built-in cooler, these hiding spots will certainly trick anybody, including you. Interestingly, some of these ideas can be used to hide Christmas gifts from children, hence give it a shot. Here we’ve compiled a few mind-blowing examples, do take a look. Enjoy it!

The Hidden Cellar

BAMDaddy -Via

The Arm Chair With A Zippered Pocket In The Bottom

ghostface_starkillah -Via

The Secret Gun Room Build

iamatroll555 -Via

Wall Socket Behind A Miniature Door In An Apartment

axenlader -Via

Storage Drawers Under The Stairs

neillovegrove -Via

Kitchen Floor Equipped With A Built-In Cooler

melisage -Via

Basement Door + Spike Rack Equals Hidden Door

immaterialist -Via

Hidden Cabinet Behind An Existing Mirror

Zealotnic -Via

The Porta-Potty The Opens Into A Restroom

koko22022 -Via

The DIY Secreted Storage Book Box/Router Cover

rondelevium -Via

Bench In Basement Conceals A Boulder

SleepyGary5 -Via

The Parents’ En-Suite!

treloarasaurus -Via

This Tiny Thing Leads To A Crawl Space In The Basement

mintyturds -Via


seven_critical_blows -Via

The DIY Secreted Puzzle Table

cdoody -Via

Nightstand With An Adorable Little Secret

Dturska12 -Via

The Quadruple Secret Compartment Dice Set For Valuables

drewstoinski -Via

Book Stand With A Secreted Compartment

Montag__ -Via

Little Door Hidden Behind A Painting

Unknown -Via