Yob Painted A Stray Dog To Look Like A Tiger, Animal Rights group Offers Reward To Trace Him

An irate animal rights group in Malaysia is offering a reward to help trace the yob who painted a stray dog orange and black to make the pooch look like a tiger. Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia, the Malaysia Animal Rights lobby group, launched a public appeal for information after the dog was spotted walking down a street.

Malaysian Animal Rights Group is Hoping To Trace The yob Who Painted A Dog Orange and Black

However, it wasn't clear if local authorities had a hand in the effort to round up the anonymous culprit.

The Dog Was Spotted Walking Down The Streets Looking Like a Tiger

A reward Has Been Offered For Information Leading To Arrest Of The Culprit

Taking to Facebook, the group's spokesperson wrote, "Help Animal Malaysia identify the location and who this animal belongs to. A mystery reward awaits those who come forward with complete information on the incident."

Facebook users were quick to comment on the rather shameful act as others sympathized with the dog.

Laura Francis wrote: “The dog’s face is sad, such a shame.’’

Another user “Jessie Jye” posted: “The dog has to take a bath and have its coat shaved to get rid of all the chemicals. Sorry dog, remember the thug who did this to you.”