20 Pics Show That Universe Has A Great Sense Of Humor

The world is filled with awesome surprises, keeping its inhabitants amazed. A lot of the mind-blowing things spotted across the globe are without the participation of humans and they aren’t magical tricks, but the true power of our universe. Perhaps, they happen to be coincidences seen every now then on the streets, during vacation, at the supermarkets, and even in our home.

Our universe is indeed beautiful and interestingly does a great sense of humor. In a lot of instances, you’ll agree that you’ve been pranked by nature and it got you real good. So from goldfish with a mustache, dog trapped in a tree to water is about to murder an entire family, we’ve compiled photos that prove the universe can marvel you from time to time. You certainly will appreciate these surreal moments, hence scroll down gently!

Lizard Shed Skin Kept The Shape Of Spikes

sivvus -Via

Wick Of A Candle Looks Like A Mushroom Tree

philcsn -Via

Baby Carrot Found In Food Production Company. Isn’t This A Human Finger? No!

AlwaysAlpharius -Via

Succulents Growing In The Wall

some_body_ -Via

Decade-Old Play-Doh Container Grew Into Crystals

sumthininteresting -Via

It Appears Like There’s A Dog Trapped In This Tree

jellyclaws -Via

Plant Broke Off And Signified It’s Doing Okay After The Accident

xSanjay -Via

Spider-Web Looks Like Spider-Man’s Face

nephelodusa -Via

The Reflection Of A Window On A Windows 10

tictaktoe -Via

The Goldfish With A Moustache

pants_on_fire_fire -Via

The Veins Said ‘Hi. Quite Interesting!

runebm -Via

The Mushroom That Has An Apple Print

boocakebandit -Via

Water Bottle Shadows Straight Out A Horrific Film

griffithdidnthwrong -Via

The Office Plant Looking Like A Thick Chick

famousforbeingfamous -Via

These Guys Are Indeed ‘Be Different’

d3yv3l -Via

Cat With A Middle Finger On The Forehead

wcollins260 -Via

Vine Climbed A Chair And Silenced A Wind Chime

Redtenchu -Via

The Fancy Cat With A Mustache

Gamer_Steve -Via

Caterpillar Wore Its Favorite Penguin Sweater

eniocosta -Via

Here’s Bob Ross On A Burrito

leahleonarddd -Via