20 Parents Shared Hilarious Before & After Pics Of Their Kids On First Day At School

Year-on-year, social media feeds are usually filled with photos of back-to-school or first time going to school photos. You’ll agree the back to school hairstyles and even smiles are usually magical and on the other hand, the thought of spending all day away from home for some kids is usually just too much handle. Even if you rarely share photos of your kids, their first day of a new school is the one day every parent let their guard down, in view of how fresh and adorable their kids look.

The first day of school photos has over time appeared as a respected tradition – the amused kid all dressed up in new clothes backpack and creatively designed lunch box. Ever thought it takes a while for a school and its students to wear a kid down? If yes, you then haven’t seen the before and after kids photos of the first day at school. The before portrays: Huge smile, fresh and cleanliness while the after portrays: the same kid with unkempt clothes and smile replaced by an exhausted appearance. These 20 kids seem to have had the most challenging first day at school. Have a look!

Daughter Isn’t Comfortable With Going Back To School

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The Before Vs. After First Day At School – Exhausted

Son’s First Day At Pre-School. Quite Hilarious

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School Was Evidently A Big Success For These Two

First Day At School Bring You Back Home Unkempt

The Moment You Realize Weekend Is Finally Here

1st Day Of Pre-K Vs. The Last Day. This Appear Successful

First Day In Kindergarten Comes With A Quality Nap

7-Year-Old Doesn’t Want To Go To School

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Did She Fight Karate In School? Before Vs. After

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School Obviously Took Its Toll On Girl

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The Smiling Vs. The Crying Kid On First Day Of School

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That Smile Is Contagious Little Girl. Besides, Where’s The Smile After

This Little Boy Isn’t Up For School One Bit

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First Day Of Kindergarten. Before Vs. After

School On The First Day Is Evidently Rough

Submission 101. Hard Day On The First Day

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The Future Of Returning To School Looks Quite Bleak

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First Vs. Second Day. School Can Be Tiring And Here’s Proof