25 Tinder Pick Up Lines That Are Hilariously Cringe

Ever had a weird experience on Tinder? A lot of people have and that’s why the Tinder Nightmares Instagram Account has garnered quite a following. Tinder is undeniably a fun way to get the right date, but chatting with strangers via the app can equally make you reach a decision not to date again – ever. The account, on the other hand, has shown off the best and the worst of the dating app and you won’t believe how bad the worst part of it really is. 

In terms of flirting, the people in this article didn’t hold back a minute. From Kate is a pretty name for one of the twin daughters to strange puns, the compiled pickup lines are hilariously unique. Perhaps, if love is all about a game, these individuals have a wild playing tactic. Brace up for you might realize that some of the pickup lines are resentfully kind of cute. Have a look at the best yet worst Tinder pickup lines you’ll ever come across. Enjoy!

Why, Josh?

tindernightmares -Via

We see a lot of guys like you.

tindernightmares -Via

About giraffes…

tindernightmares -Via

I’m a hybrid.

dinkleberggg -Via

Oh, wait.

alicul24 -Via

My back hurts.

tindernightmares -Via

Looks like she’ll be fine.

tindernightmares -Via

Cheesy pickup line.

5uicidalxD -Via

None of my concerns, honestly.

tindernightmares -Via

My deck.

memezzer -Via

On the case of Linda.

thePrecision -Via

World domination partner.

tindernightmares -Via

Rearrange your name.

NoTipNoWorries -Via

Naming my girls.

Plaayaah -Via

Twinkle twinkle little star.

tindernightmares -Via

A creative way to turn down.

tindernightmares -Via

Filing a complaint.

tindernightmares -Via


MikeoftheMechanicus -Via


ssr0203 -Via

Jordan pun.

Z_D -Via

Jealous of your internal organ.

tindernightmares -Via

I just want to know.

tindernightmares -Via

Let me tell you, then.

tindernightmares -Via

You’re an 8.

tindernightmares -Via

Huh? Rocks?

tindernightmares -Via