21 Crazy Life Hacks That Look Hilarious But Actually Works

Crazy yet stupid things are quite easy to spot due to their total wrecks appearance. But many at times, these really stupid things have proven to be functional, hence does that make it less stupid?

A lot of experts are the best people for both a quick and technical fix, but on the other hand, a few clueless individuals can equally solve problems too. The common utterance: If it’s stupid and it works, it is not stupid remains a fact and interestingly inevitable.

In our perspective, it’s very okay to appear stupid but if the required task can be carried out, you’re doing great. At a point in life, things might appear way dumb, but they’re only medium stupid. Here we’ve compiled a list of clever hacks that might appear stupid but did work effectively. Life with its hurdles can be waved over with a good sense of humor and people in this article are proof. Have a look!

Using String To Direct AC Unit Condensation Down Into A Pitcher Is Incredibly Brilliant

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Successfully Used String To Direct AC Unit Condensation Down Into A Pitcher Here’s How To Turn A Cheap Stationary Bike Into A $2000 Peloton

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Whoever Made This Is An Absolute Genius!

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When you don’t own a bathtub but needed one to relax.

Anna_Banananana -Via

Duct Tape Amid Camping Can Help Get Rid Of Bugs In Your Tent

Crusadera -Via

This Is For Better Coverage Of Course

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Friend’s Sister Lost Car Key Amid Jogging. Somebody Ensured She Found It

Majestic_Beard -Via

Sew A Button To Your Headband To Avoid Facemasks Pain On Your Ears

dorothy.grayderoque -Via

Hand Sewing A Quarter Inches Hem And I Dislike Juggling The Ruler

AutumnRaeElizabeth -Via

Dad’s T-Shirt Got Splattered With Bleach, So He Decided To Fix It With More. Now It’s Adorable!

o0geck0o -Via

Natural Light In The Basement That Has No Windows Was The Required

ZZbrew -Via

Kept On Repeating That I Want To Cancel My Comcast Xfinity, They Kept Arguing, So Finally I Found The Perfect Excuse

BaseballFan2019 -Via

Dog Rolo Is A Messy Drinker, So GF Turned His Water Bowl Into A Moss Garden

TheSquireOfTheShire -Via

Shopper At Target Reversed His Hooded Sweatshirt To Make A Dog Pocket

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Bra Is Used To Protect A Horse’s Infected Eye While Also Seeing Through One

Bastard_Wing -Via

When Running Late For Work And Can’t Find Your Dog Leash, Here’s The Idea Solution

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Grandad Used Actual Hardware To Label The Drawers

Zandor8000 -Via

He’s So Tiny That He Can Sneak Through The Fence. Hence, He Must Put On The Escape-Proof Wiener Bun Of Shame At Potty Time

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Changed One Earphone Rubber To Black To Easily Identify Which Is Which

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To Ease Hand Cramping, Try Out This Book Holder Opener

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Use The Styrofoam Packaging To Keep Small Parts From Missing

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