20 Hilarious Microwave Fails That Made People Laugh Out Loud

When you think carefully about great inventions, then you shouldn’t just limit yourself to an iPad or iPhone. Right before the life-changing devices emerged via Apple, the food universe equally emerged with a quick fix for food – The Microwave. You’ll recall that the first microwave was invented long before you imagined it. Specifically, they were built in the ’40s soon after the World War II.

Initially created by accidents, the discovery was huge for the food universe as it has highly cut down on both time and waste. They’ve evidently become the best buddies for making popcorn amid movie night. On the other hand, their consequences can be somewhat catastrophic. Have you ever encountered a microwave fail?  If you haven’t, here we’ve compiled some of the most hilarious microwaves fail encountered by not-so-smart individuals. Your day will certainly become brighter after looking through these photos. Have a look!

When You Forgot To Put Water In The Cup Of Noodles

themagicpotato -Via

How Did This Happen? Cup Took Substantial Force To Get It Down

imgur.com -Via

Are You Certain A Jalapeno Dip Container Is Microwaveable?

eyedontnowutimdoing -Via

Daughter Microwaved Some Syrup For Her Waffles. Here It Is After 5 Minutes

WestTinLA -Via

Here’s What Happens If You Microwave A Spoon!

AnthonyEclipse -Via

It’s Obviously Been Good Knowing This Microwave

Hot_Karl_Rove -Via

Friend’s Husband Microwave His Shirt To Dry Faster. Here We Go

NotKay -Via

Friend Was Paid In Cash. He Placed Them In The Microwave To Kill COVID-19 Traces

pepesilvia189 -Via

This Is The Dumbest Way To Injure Yourself. Hand In The Microwave Has Some Magic

missouriprincess -Via

Mom Microwaved Birdseed To Disinfect It Before Placing It In A Beanbag. Turned Out, She Made A Tiny Popcorn

xXBonerPrinceXx -Via

When You Try To Save $150 For Installation Fees

zingusdingus -Via

McDonald's Fries After 30 Minutes Instead Of 30 Seconds

hazasauras -Via

The Aftermath Of Fork In The Microwave

usagisailor -Via

Coffee Cup Read: ‘Do Not Use In Microwave Oven’. Owner Found This Later

phchamp -Via

Egg In The Microwave For 11 Minutes Will Give You Disruption

jybc2009 -Via

Phone In Microwave To Charge Trend: Don’t Ever Try It. Myth Of The Highest Order

Dad’s Brand New Cellphone Placed In The Microwave By 3-Year-Old

Jayus_YT -Via

Here’s A Forgotten Slice Of Pizza In The Microwave. Quite Dramatic, Right?

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Ghost Pepper Popcorn In An Industrial Microwave At Work For Over 5 Minutes Resulted In Smoke Burning

StereoShayn -Via

$5000 Canadian Fee After Using The Microwave For Disinfection

jdk -Via