30 People Who Experienced Hilarious Accidents Ever

Having a bad day? Brace up for some giggles!

Things are evidently that hilarious when they happen to someone else and not oneself. But, does it completely suck when bad things happen to you? Besides, have you ever imagined the aftermath of shooting a box of fireworks into another box of fireworks? The aftermath can be downright hilarious and disastrous at the same time. Such an incident, if captured on camera will certainly be remembered for a long time, while of course, the photographer deserves a standing ovation for capturing the unique photo.

Here, a few internet users have posted examples of some hilariously expensive accidents, which are assured to make you feel better about your own mistakes. The photos, which include accidentally washing head with a depilation lotion will crack you up real good. It’s advised you don’t envy them as yours might come back in double fold. Just look, learn, and importantly laugh-yourself-out-loud!

Took a picture of this lovely photo of bf’s granny and grandpa. Accidentally captured granny’s admiring face 50 years later.

sagelface -Via

Maria’s twenty secoth birthday must be full of laughter.

Random_Lebanese -Via

60-year-old dish split spontaneously, alone on the countertop in the middle of the night, no temperature change or anything striking it.

Thea_From_Juilliard -Via

Grandpa’s remote ran out of a battery… so he got a new TV.

owencram -Via

Dog who accidentally became a part of a marathon and won 7th place.

Elkmont’s Hound Dog Half -Via

An Easter egg that got painted like this and it looks like a dragon’s egg.

AwkwardPigeon -Via

Your dog who knows he can’t enter the office but accidentally threw his toy in.

blh2 -Via

Paint washes easily off skin.

LeleTill -Via

Telling husband that his favorite sweater had shrunk after getting washed.

adrianahasaids -Via

I was trying to take a picture of the helicopter.

RightSideUpAussie -Via

Found an ‘Interstellar’ scene at the library.

swampgum -Via

This amazing parking skill.

VkZeb -Via

A friend shook water off the umbrella and drew the world map.

leroyprompakdee -Via

Friends accidentally shot a box of fireworks to another box.

funktasticme -Via

When your baby ordered $94 worth of pizza from the app.

Austin624 -Via

Hands moved when tried taking a shot and now it looks like her soul is leaving.

Enkeli69 -Via

I fed this cat yesterday and this morning he’s waiting for me. Looks like I accidentally adopted a cat.

ForeverMovement -Via

Accidentally took this cool shot.

klemma -Via

My dog blends in well with the new floor tiles.

gemini86 -Via

I forgot about my wineglass that had water inside overnight. A leave got it and it’s now all frozen.

marcmywords -Via

When you accidentally took a flight to a different dimension.

mitchellroth/ -Via

It was a depilation lotion.

Kaycon000 -Via

Broke my apple cutter and now it looks like a dangerous fruit.

StillEnjoyLegos -Via

My last sip of coffee created a scene of a forest.

imgur -Via

Locked the dog in the basement accidentally.

Shadow21478 -Via

Those holes on freshly restored $12 million ceiling of New York Public Library were accidents by an electrician.

thenewyorkgod -Via

Cardboard crust.

break -Via

I accidentally took a picture of cat’s eye ground.

Mrs_New_Vegas -Via

Our neighbors have the same cars as me and my roommate’s.

Legionofdoom -Via