30 Lucky Finds That People Couldn’t Believe At Thrift Stores

The habit of thrifting isn’t for the weak of heart. And interestingly being a fan of secondhand and vintage clothing is equally not an easy task, especially in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. But regardless, there’s no better feeling than scoring a one-in-a-million find, a unique treasure that no one else will have.

Sifting through racks of items, including clothing can be downright exhausting, but at times is worth the effort. From quality to second-hand vintage outfits from famed designers to unique home/kitchen gadget, the Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared Facebook group has again proven you can stumble on treasurable items even amidst the pandemic.

Have a look and see for yourself the benefits of thrift shopping. Hopefully, a few of this compilation will encourage you to forego your trip or perhaps a re-schedule of activities for a secondhand shop. Enjoy!

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Vintage Lamb Cake Mold At The Guild Shop In Houston For $15

Alicia Verdier‎

Alicia Verdier‎ -Via

‘We Found This In A Small Secondhand Store. Never Seen Like it. Are We Thinking Early 70’s?’

Laurie Muller‎ -Via

The Sequin Denim Dinosaur Shirt Found In Goodwill In Cookeville, Tn

Amber Underwood Taylor‎ -Via

This Amazing Clock With A Light Sensor From A Charity Shop In North Ayrshire, Scotland

Abbey Tighe -Via

Here’s A House Hippo Found At Senior ReRuns Store At Chelan Falls For $3

Shari Hutchison -Via

Found The Oddest But The Most Fitted Leash For Little Dachshund In The Local Charity Shop

Katherine Rea -Via

This Sign At A Thrift Store Is Sold For Just $9

Tanya L. Parker -Via

This Gem Was Bought For $10. Felt It Was Hammer Until The Clasps Was Seen

Corrina Scheetz -Via

Would You Want This Whisk In Your Home?

Katherine Break -Via

Freshly Signed Divorce Papers Candle Make You Smell A Good Night Sleep Realizing You’re No Longer Cheated On

Anna France -Via

The Murder Mystery Writers Desk Teapot For $10 And The Kitchen Sink Teapot Bought For $5

WeirdSecondhandFinds -Via

The 1960 Lee West Alpha Egg Chair With Speakers Inside It

Brenden Shanks -Via

For Several Years I Looked At Craigslist Hoping Someone Would Share Some Of My Grandma’s Items

Andrea Feicke -Via

Tiny Functional Knife With A Mother Of Pearl Handle

WeirdSecondhandFinds -Via

This Is Now Placed In A Home. Beautifully Crafted

Emily Erin -Via

This couple Had Used Book Arc For Their Wedding And It’s So Adorable

Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared -Via

The Tiniest Set Of Nestling Dolls Ever Seen. Quite Pretty

Jessica Schermerhorn -Via

‘A Friend Left This In My New Bathroom.’ It Reads: Would Poop Here Again

WeirdSecondhandFinds -Via

This Happy Piggy Was Found. Buyer Couldn’t Resist!

Christine Kaminski Lukasavige -Via

Griswald Obviously Approved The Garage Sale Find

Elisabeth Guetle -Via