25 Times People Found Real Treasures From Thrift Stores

The door of bulky thrift stores can be compared to the gates of Narnia. Immediately you get in, you instantly found yourself in some new, unacquainted world. After moving from corner to corner there, you may come across weird junk, low-quality materials, and things that are no longer needed by some individuals.

A lot of things are really stored there that inexperienced secondhand shop guests will find it difficult to know where to first look or check for what to buy. But the eyes of their regular customers light up at the prospect of finding something valuable. And many of these people get extremely fortunate on their “search”.

Check out for yourself how people manage to notice treasure among unusable junk.

Haggled this to $42 and told it’s green amethyst. Jeweler said it’s a rare green diamond of over 100 years old, 4.4 ctw and worth more than $8k!

jnseel -Via

Couldn’t pass on this for $40. It is 14k gold and has 6 diamonds and 18 sapphires.


I found this set for $12.51. I took it to a jeweler and found out that the gold, diamonds, and rubies are all real!

Pumpkinhead82 -Via

I found this diamond sapphire engagement ring in a rummage bowl for $2. Took it to a jeweler straight after and they confirmed it was real.

minarima -Via

Went to a house clearance and found this pin marked as costume jewelry for $5. Took it to a jeweler and they confirmed it’s unmarked gold with diamonds and sapphires.

minarima -Via

Authentic, recent Gucci for 55€ – retails for $1500.

moonyon -Via

Daughter came home with a vintage brand new Victoria’s Secret lingerie from 1982 from the thrift shop.

LadyChi312 -Via

Paid $3 for this and a local Chinese artifacts appraiser believes this is a 1700s relic with silver.

UrbanRelicHunter -Via

Found all these rings made of gold at the thrift shop, $5 each.

minarima -Via

Paid $6.99 for a vintage Louis Vuitton complete with its accessories that can sell up to $2000.

NotABsian0073 -Via

A vintage, platinum ring with diamond and blue sapphire embeds. $19.99.

lowlife9 -Via

Got this ladies’ Sheaffer pen at $5 with 14K gold nib.

UrbanRelicHunter -Via

This is an authentic Christian Dior bag priced at $2.99. It’s being sold at $600+ online.

AD061110 -Via

Someone threw a shabby wallet in the trash can with old money.

UrbanRelicHunter -Via

Found this in the dumpster of a thrift shop and has the marking 14K gold. It weighs 1.28 oz and got $750 when I took it to a jeweler.

UrbanRelicHunter -Via

Paid $1 for this platinum ring with diamonds.

UrbanRelicHunter -Via

I thought $25 was too expensive, but I came back because it was real gold leaf and made in Germany back in 60s.

badorange3 -Via

Paid $15 for this bracelet made of 14K gold with diamonds and rubies on it.

TimAllenisanarc69 -Via

Bought these sterling silver tableware for just 25 cents.

UrbanRelicHunter -Via

Paid $3 for 14K white gold bracelet with diamonds.

help-this-sucks -Via

Paid $3 for this ring that has a 950PT mark which also means the stones are probably diamonds.

UrbanRelicHunter -Via

I found a vintage ivory hairbrush and a Tiffany & Co. shaving brush with a sterling silver lid.

UrbanRelicHunter -Via

Got home with this $1 sunglasses and didn’t realize the frame were plated with real gold.

tipsycup -Via

Paid $5 for this 10K gold plated pocket watch.

callmegretchen -Via

This jewelry box that dates back to 1940s.

gasstationdrama -Via