25 Times People Ordered Online But Failed Hilariously!

Online shopping is undeniably part of our daily living. Reportedly, people across the globe spend an estimated 3-5hours a week shopping items on the internet. But so far, it appears not all purchases have a good ending.

When buying things online, there’s actually a risk as the photo might not the same in reality. If you’re an online shopper it’s always best to brace up for some potential disappointment before opening any delivered box.

It can b downright infuriating and perhaps might even make make you warn others on the internet about the particular seller but in a nutshell – disappointing online orders are surely inevitable.

Here we’ve compiled some pics of purchases that might 100% make you think twice before pressing the order button online. From a purchased left-footed pair of shoes to a box of ordered chocolate, take a look at the examples we find are bad purchases.

Ordering Paper Towels from some random website.

karma_withakay -Via

Just a dot.

MinuteArmadillo6 -Via

Almost half the size/scale in description. I’m getting a refund, but the manufacturer won’t replace it with the size that’s advertised.

mizchief_mayhem -Via

Friend got this from an Instagram ad… just a little different!

badgurlkiki -Via

Blursed lugia.

geniuz_wrap -Via

“Extra large” dog pool.

leftcrow -Via

I’m actually not all that mad.

Moonshine_Agent -Via

Got this on a cheap kitchen sale.

msstark -Via

Make your own cloud lamps.

sunidlyte -Via

Got this $30 sink rack and finally got this… fits only one bar of soap.

ThaNagler -Via

You think watering this will help it grow?

salaciouscrumb_ -Via

Who stole the stuf?

CalTheVol -Via

Was so looking forward to this shirt.

Loveforsale -Via

When you got your wipes online.

thebiggestyee -Via

Couldn’t believe his eyes.

ell_spencex -Via

AliExpress, ladies and gentlemen.


When you failed to check dimension before ordering.

Rollitupk -Via

What dad ordered vs. what he got.

Less_Grass -Via

Boss gave this chocolate and it surprised me.

MeScuka -Via

Bought this ‘full-size’ Mjolnir and I can’t be stopped from being happy.

JesseD320 -Via

These were supposed to be reclining camping chairs.

Buttery_Queef -Via

I wish this was a joke.

RebeccaKwanga -Via

Got both left shoes. I was so excited to try them on.

bleuwafels -Via

Coconut? Where?

SlowShoes -Via

AliExpress at it again.

laxusdreyarligh -Via