20 Things Millennial Kids Did For The Last Time Without Realizing It

Millennials are the most tolerant, connected, diverse, idealistic, and educated generation ever.

Being born in the ’80s rolling into the ’90s and further than, this was an age (and ongoing era) where technologically we’ve advanced faster and more rapidly as time goes by. Thanks to this, I grew up experiencing things not realizing (till now) that it will be the last time I do them.

In no particular order, I will start with: liking checking out movie time in the newspaper for the last time, printing out directions instead of using your phone, sent one last text using T9 instead of a full keyboard. Check out the rest for yourself!

We logged into MySpace for the last time.

dackzennis -Via

Remember Creme Savers?

ArtieHoward -Via

The last CD your burned.

spindlypete -Via

Literally rolled down the window one last time.

reddit -Via

Watched a VHS tape one last time.

suchnerve -Via

Rewinding a VHS tape the last time.

SassWithAnAsss -Via

Printing directions with Mapquest.

BaabyBear -Via

Using a pencil to roll your cassette back for the last time.

captbearddock -Via

Went to the Blockbuster one last time.

reddit -Via

Sitting and having fun on that spot with your friends for the last time.

_ayosworldd -Via

Nobody knew it.

CamMarsh7 -Via

Downloaded a song for the last time on.

One handed texting on a T9.

ThreeUK -Via

Listened to new music at the store with their headphones for the final time.

Facebook -Via

Chatted on AOL for one last time.

MPLSMilitia612 -Via

That prize you got? It turns out to be the last one for you.

pinterest. -Via

Looking up movie schedules on newspaper.

rarenewspapers -Via

Got a brand new CD and tore off its packaging for the last time.

Dasgerman1984 -Via

The last partially used battery you stole for your GameBoy.

tranzmute_art -Via

We picked up our telephone one last time.

Bryan_hmm -Via