20 Times Grandmas Prove To Be More Badass Than You

Hope you haven’t forgotten the stereotype that every grandma is tiny and sweet, spending days playing Bingo, baking cakes, and knitting? They are a lot of evidence here to prove that stereotype wrong.

Here are some of the collections of the top photos proving that grandmas are full of energy, hilarious, and just plain badass! And it shouldn’t only be grandmas like the fashion icon Baddie Winkle or the world’s fittest grandma Ernestine Shepherd who should be seen as a badass. This list truly proves that badass grandmas are actually everywhere. check out for yourself!

94-year-old Queen gets behind the wheel of her Range Rover!

89-Year-Old Grandma Nailed The Bridesmaid Role

yolo-tomassi -Via

This Grandma Is 99-Year-Old. She’s Totally A Badass

TaylorSatine -Via

This Happens When Grandma Does The Xmas Decorations

Lemonlaksen -Via

Grandma On Camera After A New Year’s Cruise

yes_no_yes_yes_yes -Via

The Badass Knitting Glove Made By Grandma

Elsie Hay Cook -Via

This Grandma Is Clearly Awesome

ambrizlove -Via

Here’s The Profile Photo Of A 83-Year-Old Grandma

Goldierenee -Via

96-Year-Old Grandma Playing VR For The First Time

Politikz -Via

An Awesome Grandma 100%

lovethedaffodil -Via

84-Year-Old Grandma Showed Her Skills In Art After Getting An IPad. Pretty Brilliant

oxide42 -Via

The Best Grandma Revenge Ever

mrmaster2 -Via

This Is A Good One, Grandma

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Grandma Spotted Scolding The Hell Out Of A Pelican On The Pier

Schnarf_Shnarf -Via

Grandma Pulled Off A Double Backflip. Quite Hilarious

SuperWhiteFEET -Via

The Avengers Old Lady In A Subway

wartesz -Via

70-Year-Old Grandma Sliding Down The Stair Railing Down With A Banana

Lacostic -Via

Husband’s Grandma. This Resemblance Is Strange

TheOtherOncomingStorm -Via

Grandma Doesn’t Give A F**ck. The Don’t Touch It Offender

Ross Smith -Via

Here’s A Grandma And Her Friends With Snoop Dogg

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