25 Smart Kids Who Stunned Their Parents With Unimaginable Inventions

Children can be quite smart and resourceful when accomplishing a goal. You would agree that some of the inventions children come up with appear laughable, but then again turns out to be a pure genius in action when its main purpose is explained.  No doubt small inventors are money makers and indeed some kids have proven how smart they can be as they’ve been coming up inventions that can assist even adults.

Have you ever underestimated your children? If yes, it’s high time the perception changes instantly as you are about to see the best inventions that kids came up with. You possibly must have thought they’re too little to know anything but sorry to burst your bubbles, - kids are fit for a Nobel Prize too. Take a look and brace up for some surprise!

The Best Way To Watch A Movie On Your Smartphone

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Natalie’s Invention Got You 100% Covered For A Loud Sound

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Poke Glo Safety Buttons For Pokémon Go Players

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If You Are Allergic To Smell, You Need This Right Away

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3-Year-Old ‘Pencil Shouldn’t Roll Off The Table’ Invention

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‘Mom, I’m Actually Not In The Rain’

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5-Year-Old Hands-Free IPad Technology

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Son Spotted Tracking Positions During Nascar

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9-Year-Old Invented The Pwning Pouch To Drink Water While Playing Videogames

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Hoodie Pillow Invented By Daughter For Her School Mini Maker Fair

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What Kind Of Swing Is This, Charlie?

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A Birthday Cake On July 4th From My Son


The Spoon Clip To Prevent Spoon From Falling Into Cereal/Soup

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This Is Brilliant. Would You Have Imagined This?

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Multi-Tasking Is Mainly For The Pro

Ryan Nathani’s Grab It All Invention

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Saxton Designed His Own Film Theatre. A Lincoln Log Frame And His Phone Taped To His Hat Is The Magic

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The Perfect Way To Watch A Movie On A Bunk Bed

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A Balloon Powered Car Designed To Roll At School

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We Viewed Mary Poppins And Cam Reached A Decision To Fly A Kite And Rigged This By Himself. Here’s A Balloon Tied To A Fishing Pole

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A Hat To Prevent Dust/Rain Made Out Of Pokémon Cards

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A Lego Invented IPad Holder For The Kitchen. Can You Spot The Mom Design?

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Reading In The Shower Is A Thing. 8-Year-Old Did The Magic

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Leave It Or Take It, This Is 100% Brilliant!

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