27 Hilariously Creative Things People Did While Fighting With Boredom At Work

In an ideal work setting, we are expected to give 100 % of our energy and be productive. you would never dream of spending 6 hours turning an avocado into a piece of art, or covering an entire page of your notebook with mind-blowing intricate doodles. But in reality, we naturally tend to get bored and feel unmotivated at times. It's at these moments that our creativity is sometimes spurred by a lack of focus.

People who have stayed in a position for a long time easily feel lost. You start to get confused with what you want to obtain from the job. If you're sitting at your desk right now and feeling guilty for constantly drifting away from that project that is long overdue it's time you cut yourself some slack and embrace all that 'free time' you're giving yourself.

Here is a list of some of the most creative minds at play inspired by boredom.

My sister does this when bored at work

Asmithamongsmiths -Via

Someone has way too much time in their hands

Lolo4369 -Via

Bored At Work, So Made Bowser With Post

Kickarr -Via

Office boredom pro max

Konradkc -Via

Decided to Draw The Kanto Starters using Bacteria, work boredom

Smashbrownns -Via

An idle Engineer with a box of pringles

Reddit -Via

Bored at work

Chrsstffr -Via

Some self entertainment at work

Sh8y_L8y -Via

Bored at work with copper

Knightscuba -Via

Tried my Hand At A More Natural Ninja Turtle, bored at work.

Tastybread -Via

My co-workers went all goofy in the office today

potential_ironman -Via

Made Mike Tyson In Excel to beat my boredom

Dunyanews -Via

Going for Office Safaris is becoming a thing

Paperkut -Via

Bored at work, and started playing around with dead flies

manphibian -Via

Bored Mechanic at work Welded This In His Spare Time

Capinron -Via

A Cardboard Fireplace To Lighten The Mood at Work

Leroux -Via

Bored bookstore employees

librairie_mollat -Via

Someone has way too much time in their hands

Epochalypse -Via

Brother got bored at work,

Maccccc -Via

When workers at the dump get bored

Imgur -Via

A guy with absolutely nothing to do

Mykybo -Via

This guy took work boredom to the next level

vladrichdemaclant -Via

carved out a pencil to keep boredom at bay

Ilikestars -Via

We Made This At Work for no Apparent reason

Fobiza -Via

She sends photos like those when the salon is not busy

Peanutbuttachampaigne -Via

Milton's first day at the office

Zargon1978 -Via

Project manager getting married, colleages decorate a hard hat for her.

Ihavenocomments -Via