30 People Who Were Having A Hilariously Worse Day Ever

Things sometimes don’t just go our way. As infuriating as those moments are, they happen to the best of us. And while it’s never a good concept to revel in other people’s pain too much, at times one just has to for survival and learning.

Things might at this moment be bad for you, but for these individuals, they’re evidently worse. Let say, they indeed encountered what is called the first world problems, and possibly would have wished the ground could open for a 24hrs swallow.

Ranging from a tiny body with a giant head to the worst photo ever taken in a swimming pool, all listed in this article are all misfortunes that without a little humor, we would never have been able to cope with

While we’ve all had bad days when it appeared like everything is going wrong, we are sharing with you a collection of photos, highlighting life at its worst. Take a deep glance.

The Worst Photo Ever Taken In A Swimming Pool

TurnipTimeMyGuys -Via

Priest Mistakenly Live-Streamed Mass With A Filter. The Hat And Sunglasses Precisely

Busted 101. Cameras Installation Unaware

upvotemypics -Via

Here’s A Welcome Present For Those Who Leave Home For Weeks

JuanfranB_ -Via

When You Mistakenly Carry Your Cat Litter For Lunch

Eric264 -Via

License Plate For Michigan Reporter

lynseymukomel -Via

Dad’s Old Truck Got Sprayed With Old Rotten Potato. Sadly His Window Was Down

Dixo0118 -Via

The Drill And The Bedspread Appear Almost Same. Owner Got Frustrated Finding The Drill

Brave1i1toaster -Via

Does She Have A Tiny Body And A Big Head?

Amemeinglesslife -Via

When You Mess Up Real Good With Your Appointment

jnudey -Via

Daughter’s Class Of 2020 Photo Goes Bad

frankiewhispers -Via

It’s Definitely Time For A New Toothbrush

Jukkster -Via

This Can Only Happen When The Hopper On The Corn Train Is Loosen

tibiapartner -Via

The Sun Does Have Its Revenge Time As Well

On The Ride Home With New Adopted Puppy

unknown/reddit -Via

The Worst Baking Fails Ever

Fibutton -Via

A Sincere Mistake With A Kid’s Name

m4rticus -Via

The Day Was Going Great Until This Happened

pp0787 -Via

How Can I Go Home After This Exchange?

joshy_squash -Via

The Wonder And Power Of Little Ice

mikemike26 -Via

Picnic Set Up Before Hiking Two Hours. But Here We Go, Cow Took Over

Jaminator97 -Via

Rainbow Cake Looking Like A Unicorn Hole

maksetamo_ -Via

Working As An Extra In Movies Got Friend Pictured As An Offender On A Bus

devandangers -Via

Wedding Venue Vs. Furry Convention. Really Annoying!

Kndrp2 -Via

Never Build A Snow Dalek. You Might Regret It Okay

oeufelia -Via

‘Is My Child Stupid?’ Book Found At Age 49 In Mom’s Shelf

Halvere1600 -Via

A Copy Of Driver’s License Is The Solution! But Is It That Simple?

realemilyattack -Via

Cat Returned Home With Someone Else’s Key. Why Kitten?

robrobxD -Via

Thrown Away Old Bedframe Stuck To The Side Of A House

Vally.teacake -Via

Baking Mix Goes Highly Wrong. Does Yeast Ever Stop Working?