Someone Gender Swapped Celebrities’ Pics And The Results Are Hilariously Perfect

Face swapping is a wonder that has been making its way around the internet, giving out hilarious aftermaths. Whether it’s on ourselves, or our favorite celebrities, the change of someone’s gender or perhaps face is forever an entertaining content to look out for.

Just recently, some launched a Twitter thread of what transpired when she used the FaceApp swap to alter the gender of celebrities. The results so far are a mixture of both disturbing and hilarious.

FaceApp, a recently known technology edit lets people to basically do anything they want on social media, including changing facial features, applying makeup and even the change of one’s gender.

Motivated by how well Artificial Intelligence has come and how hilarious some of the gender swap turn to be, listed here are celebrities whose pics have been tweaked with the app. What are you waiting for? Take a close look!

More info: Faceapp

#1 Eminem

anonslayed -Via

#2 Keanu Reeves

anonslayed -Via

#3 Pink

#4 Johnny Depp

anonslayed -Via

#5 CĂ©line Dion

#6 Gerard Way

anonslayed -Via

#7 Dwayne Johnson

anonslayed -Via

#8 Gwyneth Paltrow

#9 Tom Hiddleston

#10 Robert Downey Jr.

#11 Gordon Ramsay

#12 Katy Perry

#13 Rihanna

#14 Barack Obama

anonslayed -Via

#15 Billie Joe Armstrong

anonslayed -Via

#16 Scarlett Johansson

#17 Donald Trump

anonslayed -Via

#18 Chris Hemsworth

#19 Conor Mcgregor

#20 Adam Sandler

anonslayed -Via

#21 Kim Jong-Un

anonslayed -Via

#22 Kanye West

#23 John Malkovich

anonslayed -Via