Graphic Designer Amazingly Fixed 9 Of The World’s 'Worst' Logos Ever

Italian graphic designer, Emanuele Abrate has indeed come up with an amazing project in which he has fixed 9 of the world’s worst logos ever.

The designer, from Italy, has recreated these logos using different typography techniques, creating aesthetic logo marks while also keeping the brand colors as close to the original ones.

You possibly must have seen some of these logos on several media pages since the dawn of the internet, fortunately, Emanuele has brought them back to the 21st century for admiration.

The logo project titled: ‘The Worst Logos Ever, Redesigned’ are clearly interpreted in the designer’s way and the results are downright incredible.

Reportedly, Emanuele found the design project both educational and fun as it assisted in understanding that designing is no simply artistic but problem-solving.

Anyways, which do you think is the most successful redesign among the 9? Read carefully and take a look at the photos!

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Kudawara Pharmacy -Via -Via -Via

Instituto de Estudos Orientais -Via -Via

Fire Prevention Products -Via -Via

Mama’s Baking -Via -Via

The Computer Doctors -Via -Via

Clinica Dental San Marcelino -Via -Via

OGC (Office of Government Commerce) -Via -Via -Via

Safe Place -Via -Via -Via

Arlington Pediatric Center -Via -Via