32 Pics That Captured At The Perfect Time

Perfectly timed photos bring about weird feelings and different perspectives in the human brain. When it comes to photography, timing is undeniably everything. And whether it’s an accident that you happen to snap with your phone or a calculated photo moment, it’s usually satisfying to see that the universe aligns with one’s front and back legs.

But wait, what does it take to be a good photographer? Even the most awarded photographer would admit challenging to capture a perfect photo as it sure requires the perfect angle, the perfect moment, and importantly the perfect lighting.

However, photos in this article came most unexpectedly, and luck was 100% required in capturing these moments at the right time. On the other hand, you don’t need to be a great photographer before capturing photos of this kind.

Mom Hilariously Caught In The Creepy Act

MuffinHatLP -Via

Wrong Timing To Blink With Such A Mascara

This Hair Looks Apparently Suspicious

This Was Seen At The Airport In Tel Aviv, Isreal


Vitamin Water Surveys His Territory

BisonST -Via

The Firefighter Supper Hero In Peru

Ricardo Cuba Zavala -Via

Dads Rock Always

saraboulos -Via

The Real-Life Mr Peter Pan And Tinkerbell Caught Through Fire

Clongjax -Via

The Photo Of My Brother That Appears Like He Has To Go Because His Planet Needs Him

WhatStartsTheHeart -Via

That Moment When Trout Eats Up A Mayfly

panilssonoutdoorphotography -Via

When The Timing Is Perfect

bestdayforpizza -Via

Here’s Earbud That Makes A Treble Clef

reddit.com -Via

When It Happens At The Right Time

LeGaffe -Via

When You Luckingly Snapped A Truck Trying To Steal The Sun

Diginixy -Via

Perfect Timing

Epileptic_Ebola -Via

Cat With A Six Pack

j3nn1f3r00 -Via

This Is Beautiful!

Streetmix -Via

The Hustles Of A Substitute Teacher

DedRuck -Via

Here’s Bumblebee Carrying The Sun

mike_pants -Via

The Wave Perfect Timing Ever

Grant Ly -Via

I Suddenly Found This When I Was Watching The TV With My Feet Up

frankieMART -Via

Always Have Your Own Beer Towel

FCBayernEN -Via

Meet The Miss Ostrich Of Our Time

conancat -Via

Plane Flying Through A Rainbow Got Lightning Strike

flashman -Via

Right Timing

VladislavMiloslav -Via

The Amazing 14 Wind Turbines All In A Row

Grown_Man_Poops -Via

The Holy Sh*T Moment

Trololman72 -Via

The Perfect Moment

Streeb-Greebling -Via

The Incredible Pier Sunset

John H. Moore -Via

Right Timing With Bird