30 Mindblowing Shadows Of Things That Show The Different Side Of World

Have you ever imagined about what happens when a shadow gets tired of following around the same people and objects all the time, and goes rogue? It turns out that shadows can come out with some incredible optical illusions, and turn up in the most unanticipated places and forms. The most curious thing here is that the shadow depending on the sun position in our skies might create the optical illusion just for minutes and at times seconds.

And we are quite aware that optical illusions play mind tricks by frequently using of some very bright colors and mismatching shapes to give confusion to our brains which is not always capable of dealing with such a loud and an unexpected photo. However, there’s nothing wrong to be deceived by such eye tricks once in a while, in fact, if you like looking at the optical illusion photos, it gives you the opportunity to have better visual problem solving skills.


#1 This Trucks Shadow Says "Hi"

Hadouken617 -Via

#2 Mt. Rainier Shadow From My Backyard

reddit -Via

#3 Playground Shadows

Katrin Korfmann -Via

#4 Tree's Shadow

DanRG02 -Via

#5 The Sun Melted The Snow Everywhere Except Where The Bikes' Shadows Were

yonkerrs -Via

#6 Not Everybody Is What They Seem

Ri-RiY -Via

#7 Shadows Of Leaves From A Tree During A Solar Eclipse


#8 This Spiders Reflection In A Pool

lnk7332 -Via

#9 Cheerful Shadow

snb75 -Via

#10 Found The Eye Of Sauron While Wine Tasting

ajustice83 -Via

#11 The Shadow Of My Plane Formed A Rainbow Around It

emcdeezy22 -Via

#12 The Reflection Of Kitchen Appliances Looks Like People In A Park

felixtre -Via

#13 Shadow Gives Impression Of Infinite Staircase

hey_baberuba -Via

#14 This Cat Food Bag's Shadow Looks Like A Cat

MarkSputnik -Via

#15 Even The Shadows In Scotland Are Plaid

BookerDeWittsCarbine -Via

#16 Who Never Thought About This?

empw -Via

#17 Why Hello, Little Sundog

mike_pants -Via

#18 Sitting On The Couch With A Headache And An Ice Pack On My Head When My Girlfriend Tells Me Not To Move

cdnchef -Via

#19 Proposed To My Girlfriend And Realized There Is A Heart In Our Shadows

Orion_91 -Via

#20 The Shadow Of This Juice Glass Looks Like A Rose

SMatyac -Via

#21 This Einstein Poster Casts A Sinister Shadow

aelment -Via

#22 My Friend's Golf Team Photo Had Some Unfortunate Shadows

Jodiee182 -Via

#23 These Fishnet Stockings Made From The Table’s Shadow

Nicky-Al-Dente -Via

#24 When Your Life Is A Mess But You Can Still Keep Up Appearances

Ketameme69 -Via

#25 I'm Sure This Shadow Became Self-Aware

migraine_boy -Via

#26 Untangled Wire, Looped Shadow

icanbenormaltoo -Via

#27 The Shadow On His Shirt Makes It Look Like The Guy In The Back Is Badly Photoshopped Into The Picture

frameRAID -Via

#28 Cool Sticker Shadow Effect I Saw This Morning

TheMulletBurden -Via

#29 My Shoe Lace Shadow Looks Like A Man Climbing A Mountain

htownaliens -Via

#30 The Shadow From This Glass Bowl Is Beautiful

Coltons13 -Via