25 Times People Encountered Hilariously Unexpected Things At The Airport

One best place to get the hilarious yet frustrating incidences of life is undeniably the airport. Whether you’re about to visit someone you haven’t seen in a long time, or you’re embarking on a trip of a lifetime, airports can be slow, tedious and agonizingly infuriating.

But the tediousness can be assisted by some of the bizarre, hilarious, and odd things that can be seen there.

Ranging from a blind pilot to a description that reads ‘You’ve to fight for your flight to depart, some clever people listed in this article have managed to make the best out of a less than perfect situation.  

We’ve compiled a list of hilarious airport photos of people who won at life despite being stuck in the airport. Kindly scroll down gently and have a good laugh.

This Is Obviously ‘Return Luggage To The Owner If Lost’

TheRealDwightSchrute -Via

One Wrong Way To Carry A Beige Colored Neck Pillow

thevspotblog -Via

The Airport Rowing Moment

Patrick Schutz -Via

Toddlers Who Haven’t Met Before Gives Each Other A Tight Hug

preggit -Via

Meet The Man In Suit And Bikini Pants. Isn’t He Cute?


The Water Gun Fights Between Pilots When Bored At The Airport

CanadianBacon9001 -Via

Have You Seen A Blind Pilot Before?

CorkyBravo -Via

Perfect Shirt And Perfect Timing Meeting A Victoria’s Secret Model

trolollies -Via

This Only Happen When Accordion Aren’t Allowed As A Carry-On

ElderCunningham -Via

Ballet Troupe Took The Moment Amid A Flight Delay

mike_pants -Via

Strangers Met All Dressed In The Same Out Outfit But Different Colors Before A Flight. They Became Friends Instantly

ImplicationOfDanger -Via

When You See This In An Airport Restroom, You Either Scream Or ……..

boyofbrass -Via

Taking A Selfie At JKF Resulted In Taking Snap Shot Of This Gem Before Camera Reverse

sumthininteresting -Via

Emergency Phone Is Out Of Complete Service

Spokes1215 -Via

How Best Will You Hilariously Welcome Your Female Friend Who Flew For The First Time

eldy50 -Via

Meet The Secret Agent That Ominously Instructed To Watch Over Me By 8-Year-Old

Cavemansol -Via

How To Claim A Baggage At An Airport!

Chiba_Lotte -Via

Having Fun During Work Is A Thing

D5R -Via

This Pilot Is A Hero. Over 300 People Got There Bags Back After Waiting For 4 Hours

PerryBernini -Via

Did Someone Spill Their Puppies All Around?

cloudform -Via

This Can Only Happen At The Airport

alaingx -Via

Grandad-Ness Is Highly Expressed In This Photo

craftbeerito -Via

So Snape Works At The American Airlines Now

iamgingerhearmeroar -Via

You Got To Fight For Your Flight To Depart

DoubleCaeser -Via

The Kids Got Bored & Watched Avengers From The Behind. Boredom Solved 100%

araw -Via