20 Surprising Things People Found In Thrift Stores And Couldn't Believe Their Luck

One man’s trash is undeniably another man’s treasure. And do you know that you can spend hours in a supermarket and still not get what you’re looking for.

But certainly can spend a few minutes in a thrift store and walk out with a full bag of great items. If you’re still thinking that thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales are filled with nothing but junks, then you’re completely missing out of good stuff.

Some items, who haven’t found their resting place have fortunately been discovered by people who they truly communicate with. 20 people compiled in this article has incredibly found valuable and educational artifacts that no one would have imagined would be available at thrift stores, flea markets or even garage sales.

From PAC Man leisure suit found at a flea market to a real piranha earrings from a thrift store for one dollar, you won’t believe someone actually let these items slip away.

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The Baffling Cross Between Pantaloons And Basketball Shorts

‎Kimmi Arnold‎ -Via

The Smiling Jar Bought For 50 Cents

Doris Lee Ann Helsel -Via

Real Piranha Earrings Bought For $1

Veronica Hayes -Via

Who Needs A Pac Man Leisure Suit? This Gorgeous Is Found At A Flea Market

‎Lynne Clark‎ -Via

Pink Colored-Eye Girly Doll Bought For $6

‎Nick Gardin‎ -Via

Beautiful Hand Made Decoration Selling From $8

‎Jenna Hansen‎ -Via

Shrek Barbie Sold $20 At An Antique Store

Samantha DeBord‎ -Via

‘Found This Beauty At A Flea Market. Never Seen Anything Like It Before’

Jodi Corey -Via

Wouldn’t You Want This For A Planter Or Bar Soap Dish?

Olivia Linger‎ -Via

The Super Rare & Weird Secondhand Find. A 1920’s J. Oswald Rolling Eye Skull Clock

Logan Joo -Via

‘Bought All Of This For $15. 1973 Fisher-Price For Handheld And 1978 For Big One’

Schuylar Langston -Via

Reusable 35mm Can Camera At A Goodwill In Wisconsin

Nick Duude Hermann -Via

New Dining Room Table Set From The 70s Bought In Perfect Condition And At Good Price

Kenzie Manis -Via

‘This 42 Inches Tall Is Sold For $10. This Will Be Hanged On The Front Porch With A Red Heart Painted On It Left Chest’

Teresa Rhynard‎ -Via

‘Nancy Drew Books Sold For $9. Never Thought The Very First Book Is Still In Existence’

Melody Mallone‎ -Via

The Filet-O-Fish As Seen In The Hit TV McDonalds Commercial

Susan Ziober‎ -Via

Check Out The Pooping Piggy Used As Toilet Brush Holder

Cassidy Reid‎ -Via

Cute Frog Dress Found At A Local Thrift Store

Coleman Concannon -Via

Scored This At Red Cross Op Shop In NZ For Just $2’

Lenny Wills‎ -Via

The Beautiful Cameo Collection From Thrift Stores

Irene Schroeder -Via