18 Hilarious Comics On Brutus & Pixie That Will Chill Your Mood Instantly

Pixie and Brutus is one of the webcomics that’ll always put a laugh in many people’s mouth no matter how their day went. The man behind, Ben Hed has overtime amassed quite a following – over 2.3million people. A big thanks to its two adorable critters.

There’s boredom across the globe, lockdown is easing but not all activities are restored. You won’t want to be caught at the last minute without comics, not even the hilarious comic on Brutus and Pixie. So here, the Minnesota-based cartoonist has again created 18 new strips that will certainly brighten up your day.

The comics, led by Pixie had been described as a little and energetic kitten while Brutus, the large scar-faced German shepherd begrudgingly involves the adorable kitten and the outcome is a hilarious expression of teamwork ensembles.

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