25 Times Instagrammers Tried To Look Stunning But Failed Hilariously

Staying at home has gradually become a habit since the pandemic social distancing rules and regulations. So, it’s quite natural that more free time will be largely be spent on the internet, particularly on social media pages.

And with that, more people are beginning to spot how much fakeness is on Instagram. Instagrammers, whose livelihoods depend on their followers, numbers of likes and views tend to endure criticism for being extremely fake. All that glitters isn’t actually gold on Instagram and so does these photos below preach loudly.

An Instagram Reality Subreddit, dedicated to compiling the most edited Instagram photos has again shared some freshest examples. And from there, we’ve compiled some mind-blowing Instagram photoshops that are worth uttering ‘WOW’ for. Do have a look and enjoy the weekend.

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He’s So Appeared Ripped

Unknown_Gamer944 -Via

She forgot to edit her waist!

DumplingWithLegs | Reddit

Catch of the day!

Obliverate | Reddit

That’s Some Tiny Waist And B**m Hip There

ZapatosDeMarca -Via

Creepy At First Glance! Creepy Always

mimiczx -Via

The Face Is So Damn Smooth. Ladies, Meet Your Prince Charming

killerjags -Via

A Photo Out Of A Horror Game

madohara -Via

Profile Photo On Linkedln. The Blue Scary Eyes

RampersandY -Via

Reality Photo Vs. Appearance On Media

Ebby1369 -Via

That Sunset Is Quite Pretty, Right?

moclen -Via

You Don’t Need The Bus Babe, Those Legs Got Your Backs

Naniibananii -Via

Same Cloud Follows Her Wherever She’s Goes

mathaiaus -Via

What Are We Going To Call This?

CyberSpaceFetus -Via

Meet The Half Cartoon And Half-Human Being

gritch_123 -Via

This Is To The Extreme! So Extreme

sarahdillpickle -Via

The Me Vs. The Meeeee

Elphaba78 -Via

A Flaunt Of What You Actually Don’t Own

Elisa-Allin-666 -Via

One More Filter Would Have Perfected This Photo

Unity__Newbie -Via

Fried Egg Look Like Something Completely New

FaceInTheSpace -Via

Hey Dude, What’s Your Gym Routine Like?

unknown -Via

This Is Outrageous! Why Would You Want To Be Like This?

unknown-persons -Via

Same Disney-Themed Travel All The Time. What’s Going On?

SofyB -Via

She Looks Much Better Than The Total Edit

elic11 -Via

Where’s The Nose And Its Nostril?

matty111222 -Via

You Know Her Too Well! The Queen Of Makeup

ConfidentNobody6 -Via