30 Times People Shares Hilarious Kitchen Design Fails Ever

Be guarded! These kitchen design fails will also leave you scratching your head. Photos are shared from across the world showing the very worst in kitchen interior design – ranging from the Victorian-style kitchen to the fits all right kitchen arrangement.

Is there any hope for humanity? Many outlandish photos show kitchen having a shower built in the middle as well as a piano hanging above for no obvious reason. Despite considering a kitchen as the heart of a home, these photos will make you shake your head in disbelief. Have a look and perhaps learn in order to prevent a kitchen fail in your home.

How Would Any Of This Work In The First Place

DogWhistlersMother/reddit -Via

The Dorm Got Renovated, But I’m Only 5’7! Inappropriately Designed

degansudyka/reddit -Via

Have Your Delicious Meal With Leaves Dangling Over Your Head

Would You Want A Faux Mold Pattern Floor For Your Kitchen?

iheartcatsandcoffee -Via

You Can Cook And At The Same Time Take Your Bath

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The Pyramid Designed Dining Table For The Royals

pleasehatethesethings -Via

The Butterflies Designed Kitchen Walls And Cabinets

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More Emphasis Should Have Been Be Placed On The Apostrophe

TankRizzo/reddit -Via

Check Out The Askew Angles!

sugardoggy/reddit -Via

This Kitchen Door Is Honestly Amusing

OloDeepdelver/reddit -Via

Defecate Right In The Middle Of Your Kitchen

Dovydas Skarolskis -Via

The Handles Of This Cabinet Is Evidently Complicated

pleasehatethesethings -Via

This Would Have Been A Nice Bathroom, But Seated Oven Spoilt It All

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How Do You See The Dining Table?

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The Happily Married Wallpaper Design In The Kitchen

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Space Saving Turned Out Badly

chefmacari -Via

The Fits All Right Kind Of Kitchen! Will You Cook Here?

The Amazing Corner Windows In A Kitchen

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Here Again, Another Lost Toilet In A Kitchen

The Power Of Lightning! The Light Endowed Kitchen

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The Victorian Style Kitchen For The Queens

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Play The Piano Even When Cooking In Your Kitchen

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We’ve Got The Perfect Space For Your Fridge, Designers says

apriltaurus -Via

San Francisco’s $1Million Loft Has A Supporting Beam Through The Kitchen

DewayneJones -Via

Are These Cupboards Beautifully Designed & Well Placed?

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The Power Of Feminism Displayed Rightly On This Kitchen Window

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A Cramped Up Kitchen Vs. Shower Mix Up

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Spoonfuls Of Love Added To Every Recipe

Engineer_Toast -Via

A Whole Room Dedicated To The Standing Gas

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Space Saving Tactics Turned Out Badly

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