30 Times People Tried Their Best But Failed Hilariously

Life has got these huge responsibilities that it's only fair we're all allowed to get it wrong now and then. However, to be considered a proper functional adult, there's plenty of things one can't just afford to look away from, like having to tolerate an irresponsible individual. with reckless mistakes.

Irresponsible people are present in every sphere of working life and sometimes their disorganization can greatly affect their surroundings, ruin your day or simply be a source of amusement if you looking for something to make your day. These photos will put a smile on your face the whole day.

Girlfriend has a pair of gloves and all of the fingers are the same length!

TheStaplerMan2019 | Reddit

Very confusing door!


why does it open like that ##foryou

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This apartment’s doorbells.

Reboota -Via

Tree was like, “No, you won’t ever lock me in there!”

TheCreatorLovesYou -Via

Some people enjoy double burgers… not.

Ialwaysupvotecapybaras -Via

At this point though…

imgur -Via

Is there a secret combination to use this elevator or what?

Armenius22 -Via

Like we said, really tricky… where should the head go?

MhikeiMPC12 -Via

Duct tape solves everything.

Fngyo -Via

The fact there’s a good one sitting next to it makes it looks like a worse fail than it is.

chernoodler -Via

Out there somewhere, a man is still looking for his glove.

nickram81 -Via

Man tries to describe bananas.

imtweakin24 -Via

This person who does not read or even bothered to open his eyes when loading the boxes.

Bee274 -Via

Real man don’t need strong foundations.

imgur -Via

A straight white line that did not align with the blue ones.

L2theucas -Via

So, this door open inwards.

CeasaR4TVMQ -Via

Theater has a seat installed under the wall.

flashgnash -Via

Drawing the disabled sign is tricky.

bahaki -Via

Do NOT crush.

Yuri_Ligotme -Via

Rage of Pokemon trainers: The SUN BEAR.

SapphireFoxcore/ -Via

The ability to mess up on installing the numbers on a calculator.

alysiahilam -Via

Vegetarian burger.

Sasquatchfl -Via

Getting trolled by milk.

niggabethus -Via

This is how coat hangers are installed in this classroom.

massam091 -Via

That… is not how you do it.

jewlynn -Via

Owns a garage, but not a driveway.


Found this at the university.

GelatinSkeleton3 -Via

The way this security gate makes you feel safe.

pcjcusaa1636 -Via

At Toronto Pearson Airport. A man actually walked into the wrong room because he looked at the sign above.

AdmHornblower -Via

The illustrator, editor, colorist and everyone who thought this looks like a completely normal bathroom.

poppadahut2 -Via