28 Hilarious Obvious Signs That Actually Exist!

Sometimes you come across a sign that states something so obvious till you wonder why it was placed there, to begin with. But then, in the spirit of not harming the messenger, it could be that somebody did something so stupid once that someone else put a sign up to dissuade other people from doing something equally ridiculous.

from the sublime to the ridiculous, check out this list of signs which state the bleeding obvious.

We can’t wait to hear the story behind this one.

Dave Sutherland -Via

Death + fine.

jurvetson -Via

Remember, shooting is illegal.

Silversprite -Via


Clvrendvour -Via

How dare you prevent me from swimming and drowning?!

OrionActual -Via

I actually do not want to know the story behind this one.

XtraLifeBastion -Via

We know that one friend who will.

reddit -Via

Unless you’re a mermaid or merman.

paige191991 -Via

The balcony is not on ground level.

imgur -Via

Dang, now I need to think of another escape plan!


Because people might think that’s the cave entrance otherwise.

imgur -Via

But manslaughter is totally fine.

jimboknows6916 -Via

And open until closing time.

SpecialChipmunk5 -Via

A lifesaver!

Well, duh.

imgur -Via

You don’t say?

imgur -Via

NOT actual size, IKEA has to remind people.

Albuyeh -Via

If door does not open, do not permeate the door.

imgur -Via

Both silicone and eggs can be called ingredients.

basti361 -Via

Very helpful!

imgur -Via

The fact that one of the spike is brown is concerning.

me.me -Via

Actually, we know some crazy people who would actually still use that without the sign.

jcabatu22 -Via

Couldn’t have known it otherwise.

TallGuy0317 -Via

Very, very wet.

Gee, I thought fire is cold!

We have to cautious of that?

imgur -Via


This is why kids are getting dumber.

fattymctubkins -Via