27 Celebrities Who Took Trolling Their Fans To A New Hilarious Level

Some celebrities view fame as a tremendous burden and distraction, besides, others welcome it as a golden opportunity to screw up with thousands of strangers or perhaps fans for no logical reason other than for giggles.

There’s really something nice about seeing celebs interacting with their fans. It’s honestly a heartwarming spectacle and so far nothing has beaten when a celebrity shows their real side in the company of their fans – the trolling game up!

Accordingly, seeing your favorite celeb in public must undeniably be an incredible experience, most especially when they’re nice enough to stop and chat or take a photo with you.

So, on this list, we’ll be showing you 27 famous people, including former President Obama who discovered hilarious ways to prank their fans. Enjoy!

Tom Hanks Took Photos With Drunk Fans & Trolled Them


Bound to be photobombed by Aquaman one of these days if you take your pictures in Hawaii.

ericlm | Instagram

The Epic Photo With Elijah Wood


For real guys, Dave Chappelle photobombed our shoot.

jayceebrammer | instagram

Jack Sparrow Walked Around South East Queensland & Took A Selfie With Local Police

Queensland Police Service

The Rock Flips The Request For A Sign On T-Shirts To Sign On Heads & Necks


Aaron Paul Who Played Jesse Pinkman From Breaking Bad Photobombed Our Photo At Coachella


Jake Gyllenhaal On Photobomb Level 101


Adam Savage Attended The Comic Cons In Disguise

Frank Ippolito

Mark Hamill Got His Star Wars Fans Real Good

Star Wars

Cole Sprouse Dedicated His Instagram Account To His Fans. They Secretly Took Pictures Of Him


It’s All Down Hill With Fabio, Who Was Met At The Mall


Bill Gates Photobomb My Photo In Front Of Microsoft Sign


Obama Posed For A Photo With Young Boy Asleep During The Father’s Day Ice Cream Gathering

Obama White House

Girl Cardboard Cutout Of Danny Devito To Prom. In Return, Danny Devito Takes Cardboard Cutout To Paddy’s Pub

Allison Closs,robmcelhenney

Arnold Schwarzenegger Trolled Fans As The Terminator Figure

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Beyoncé Vs. Fan Challenge: Whatever Face You Make, I’ll Make


Bill Murray Recreated His Crying Fan Moment


‘Liam Neeson Eats Here For Free’


Tom Hanks Response To Fan-Mail Is Hilarious Yet Magical


Chris Pratt On Request To Hang Out With Jennifer Lawrence


The Elijah Wood Faceplant Photo On Fans B***bs!


The Ken Jeong Epic Photo Bomb On Fans


The Photobomb Selfies Ever


Guardians Of The Galaxy Michael Rooker Made Quite A Mess With Marvel Fans


Massie Williams On This One!


Friend Photo Photobombed By Matt Garza