18 Hilarious Wives Who Solved The Mystery Of Long-Lasting Marriage

Have you ever been desperate in solving the mystery of having a long-lasting marriage? If yes, it’s actually all entail something entirely simple yet adventurous.

Marriage is meant to be all fun, although up and downs are inevitable. But regardless, exploring new adventures, engaging in separate or same interests, as well as celebrating special days, including birthdays and anniversaries are some of the latter ingredients to a happy marriage.

The main ingredients, including forgiveness, saying sorry, fighting fair, commitment and faithfulness makes your marriage more open and that brings about more closeness.

The women in this article understand the aforementioned and have been spicing up their marriage with a little bit of fun. Ranging from lighting a paper on fire and holding it to the smoke alarm to get husband’s attention to wife dressing up as husband for Halloween, these list is undeniably a piece of stumbled-upon luck to spicing up your union.

Husband & Wife Serving The Twin Goals

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Wife Had Buzz Doing All The Dirty Activities For Her

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‘I ****** When You’re Naked!

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Wife’s April Fool’s Prank On Husband

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Wife Felt The Pizza Place Were Overdoing It With Advert

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This Possibly Explains Why We’re Still Married After 27Years

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This Wife Gave Husband The Perfect Pedicures

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Wife Got The Scariest Halloween Decoration

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Wife’s Surprised Me With This Banner On My Birthday

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The Milk Gone Bad Villian Decorated By Wife In The Fridge

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Wife Personalized Our Keurig- Booty, Booty, Booty!

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Wife Left This On Our Bed In Absence Of Herself

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Wife’s Passive Aggressive Flow Chart Each Time I’m Hungry

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This Wife Only Sends Dirty Photos


It’s Amazing Finding Genital Related Food For Husband

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The DIY Wife Donning An Evident Sexy Dress

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One Best Way Terrify My Husband

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The Attention Seeking Wife! A Perfect Scheme