23 Times People Surprised With Reality That Was Beyond Expectations

It’s difficult to feel lucky when a pandemic spreads across the world. The virus crisis evidently shuts down the number of online shops and delivery agencies but due to the ease, reopening is beginning to emerge.

However, we’ve been there – spotting something online and startled by the low price but often the end result appears too good to be true - An I had I have known the situation in the long run!

Well, the reverse is the case for people in this article as they got lucky or perhaps hit the jackpot despite expecting an online shopping fails.

Things, obviously went the other way round – from cake ordered from a pastry shop looking better in reality than in the catalog to ordered blanket with dogs’ photos, take a look at some of the online shopping products that got people pleasantly shocked. Enjoy!

The Milk Bar Birthday Cake Looks Good In Reality Than In The Catalog

Bobcatmom / reddit

The Early Morning Jackpot: Two Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs

Countess_of_Penrose / reddit

Bought This Impressive Cake For My Mom

mamabear034 / reddit

3-Year-Old Niece Got This Beautifully Baked Cake For Her Birthday

nteiken / reddit

Fire Truck Cake For Son’s Birthday Came Out Better Than Expected

ra66itz / reddit

Ice Cream Purchased In Japan Taste Delicious & Appear Better In Reality

laleli_lolu / reddit

The Interpretation Of A Tattoo I Wanted & The Outcome By Artist Was Striking

Zlatehagoat / reddit

Isn’t My Nephew’s Birthday Cake Beautiful?

biccabong / reddit

Wife Recreated The Cake Even Better

dahneir / reddit

Daughter’s Cake Desire On Paper Vs. Reality

Awnya / reddit

Is The Attempt On The Right More Captivating?

Juicebarr / reddit

Who Wouldn’t Want The Ice Cream Cookie?

ItzGonnaBeMei / reddit

The Duke Cake Baked Turned Out Pretty Well

Spotty2012 / reddit

The Baked & Decorated Elsa Cake Is Totally Unique

hellogoodhigh / reddit

Couples First Attempt At Baking A Cake From Sketch

Fwanko / reddit

Jack-O-Lantern Pizzas Advert Vs. Made For Customers

ArcusArtifex / reddit

Ordered A Blanket With Dogs’ Photos. The Sketchy Website Nailed It 100%

ezfriedchiken / reddit

‘This Ordered Prima Pepperoni Startled Me’

Odinlarsen / reddit

This Chocolate Cake With Piglet Design Came Out So Well.

brigie3594 / imgur