30 Clever Repurposing Of Common Things For Life Hacks

Home décor remains an expression of either passion, creativity, or art. The more concepts you have, the more innovative one can get with the decorating abilities. Undeniably, there are numerous things that are invented for certain uses, but who is to say they can’t be beneficial if used contrarily than intended.

Most at times, we observe things that are initially intended for a goal becoming more effective for something entirely different. The need to turn one’s imagination and creative thinking are very important here and interestingly, new ideas can make one life much easier while also saving you a lot of money.

Nevertheless, there are some individuals out there who have discovered numerous uses for things than their main intent. Below are common things that can be way valuable if used contrarily. Have a look and get inspired!

Toilet paper rolls are great to keep your wrapping paper stay wrapped!

mercesantosbaking -Via

Freeze half of your bottle sideways and fill the other half to keep your beverage cold. You can do this with coffee, too!

grossilse -Via

Using stocking on your vacuum cleaner allows dust to pass through, but not your lost small items.

Cut, paint and draw plastic bottles into small planters!

Maceta Gatuna -Via

An idea for your unused suitcases. A glamorous and vintage chair.

Pop those tabs from canned drinks to reuse as frame hangers.

makezine -Via

Don’t throw out your used toilet paper rolls! They’re great cable organizers.

berserk -Via

Use clothespin to protect your fingers while hammering nails.

instructables -Via

A dustpan that doesn’t fit the sink to fill the bucket with water.

popshockshare -Via

Old ladders make great vintage shelves.

You can save space by hanging your laundry like this. Learned this from ‘Tokyo Drift’.

imissbigmacs -Via

Can’t let the makeup gone.

laurlaurrdraws -Via

Head of old rakes can be cleaned and repurposed as wineglass holders.

Old seatbelts are also great key holders.

removeandreplace -Via

Unused plastic bottle caps do great in sealing opened packages.

salubriousexclamation -Via

We don’t listen to CDs anymore, might clean out and use the holders for your bagel sandwich instead.

Your old ladder can become an aesthetic book shelf.

etsy -Via

Kids growing out of their crib? Repurpose it into their desk!

alittlelearningfortwo -Via

Frozen grapes can chill wine, stop it from being diluted, and adds flavor to them.

food-hacks.wonderhowto -Via

If you happen to have an old boat, here’s an idea you can use for it: a boat-hammock.

Wine lovers will love to see their favorite collections as chandeliers and hanging lamps.

moonshinelamp -Via

Car spoilers are not the smartest things, but if you do have it, make full use of it.

that_purple_ek -Via

Who would have known LEGOs are great cable holders.

imgur -Via

Guess what, your can opener is also the perfect plastic packages opener.

Tennis balls are great items holder.

Don’t have a smaller pan but don’t want to cook too much? No problem!

tw272727 -Via

Cut a leg off of a delivery pizza topper thingy to create a smartphone stand.

GowBeyow -Via

Laptop’s hinge broken? Here’s a temporary solution.

griffinonthego -Via

Use a rubber band to keep things inside your pockets while running or jogging.

Alec_ACBF -Via

Use two ziplock bags and flip one of them inside out to make a larger one.

Vega_128 -Via