22 Unusual Photos That You Probably Have Never Seen Before

Social media or perhaps the internet is quite drenched with photos, hilarious trends, memes, and much more. Images all compiled here have undeniably proven that weirdness tends to happen once in a long time.  

But wait, do you think you’ve seen all meme on the internet? Are you familiar with the recent trends? Well, if you think you have, this article will certainly burst your bubble as there are absolutely some rare photos you haven’t seen nor stumbled upon.

Be prepared for a shocking surprise as these photos feature things that are not usually spotted on a daily basis. Have a look while you sip a cup of coffee. Cheers!

The strawberry life cycle.

Micle -Via

So, it was raining and this is my sheep.

Kosoy6rub -Via

Behind the movie screen.

acamu5x -Via

That is one artistic spider.

mizkovi -Via

A horse and a pony.

Bakeneko -Via

Water ice on Mars, shot by the ESA.

loulan -Via

This hyper-realistic street art in Lancashire, United Kingdom.

imgodking189 -Via

A 392 year old Greenland Shark in the Arctic Ocean, wandering the ocean since 1627.

seanmashitoshi -Via

Roofs as cozy patios.

YaroslavLada123 -Via

This stone slope in Norway.

outroversion -Via

Such a gorgeous view early in the morning.

the-crooked-compass -Via

These are footprints of dinosaurs from Cretaceous period found in El Chocón, Argentina.

natgeo -Via

We apologize to have ruined your childhood but here are The Teletubbies.

zwanheda -Via

Can you see another elephant in this picture?

BasedOnAir -Via

When you fell asleep in the bath.

neeto85 -Via

No, he’s not the model for Ratatouille. But he’s had that comment every single day.

zombi3123 -Via

This man’s childhood picture looks so much like a scene from ‘Stranger Things’.

Hamuktakali -Via

A picture of storm as it engulfed New York City.

CuriosityKilledTheKittyCat -Via

The window is installed between the cabinets and counter in the kitchen.

poply -Via

So this happened.

Zapy__ -Via