28 Times People Found Unexpected Things Inside Ordinary Things

Have you ever broken a few things in your life and then realize there’s an interesting item hidden inside that might agreeably shock you. Things that will undeniably astound you. 

Sometimes, what we see isn’t always what’s gotten and evidently, this list of strange, bizarre, unanticipated things seen inside common and regular objects says it all. Be prepared as you certainly will get curious and perhaps carried away while delving into this compilation.

These photos would, on the other hand, change how humans understand the world, and might as well as change your perspective. Have a look!

A piece of my knife’s handle broke off, revealing an image of a family.

Brenburger -Via

My car charger’s face plate fell off and turns out there’s an extra USB port there.

nikpappagiorgio -Via

Ripped open the phone case to find a Macau beer mat inside.

caed744 -Via

There is actually a can inside this can of beer.

allwearre -Via

There’s a pool inside this pool.

RenanMemories -Via

My iPad case is made of toothpaste boxes.

Theultravisitor -Via

There’s a pawn inside the Queen.


My daughter’s snap bracelet is made of a tape measure.

ryanispiper -Via

Caught a 2-pound bass and there’s a whole crawdad filling its mouth.

DJCocoLoco -Via

There’s a tiny crab inside the very meat of the mussel itself.

bundiganja -Via

Cut open this super glue to find a Russian variety.

cosmic_owl2893 -Via

New jeans has a hidden pocket inside for the ‘weekend’.

Yuki-toKori -Via

Opened dog’s fitness pig toy to find a real buff pig inside.

prolonginginevitable -Via

Cut this apple in half and the seeds inside is actually sprouting already.

ryanehowell -Via

There’s an orange inside this orange.

indeedyouarecorrect -Via

My mom’s boyfriend split open a dead tree and found another tree inside it.

Toastiimuffin -Via

This book has pages of Steven King’s novel.

muhnahser -Via

An egg inside of an egg.

Pit_Mosh -Via

Two bullets found while splitting an old log, they even left trail marks.

Dklem80 -Via

There are pool balls inside this Bocce ball.

bookfancier69 -Via

There’s a rock inside a rock.

RodrigoMilos -Via

There’s a periodic table of elements on the inside of my jeans.

Bl4kc -Via

There’s a golf ball inside this log.

TheWackyProphet -Via

Broke a yard decoration of frogs to find a pig playing a guitar inside.

sansonmr -Via

Found welo opal inside this ammonite.

SummerSerenity -Via

CT-scan on this Buddha sculpture that’s over 1000 years old reveals a mummified monk inside.

M. Elsevier Stokmans, Jan van Esch

This mini orange inside an orange.

_Ineption -Via

The Good Guy die manufacturer puts another die inside their dies. So, when the die dies, you get a new die.

IsshunGo -Via

Dog’s broken toy cactus has sad cactus inside.

jpellizzi -Via