26 Hilarious Times Expectation And Reality Were As Different As Day And Night

One thing you should know always is that when your expectations don’t match your reality, there’s literally no reason to be unhappy. The scenario can be perceived from a different angle, and interestingly a failure can be a good reason to laugh-out-loud.

It’s understandable that humans’ assumptions can often lead to stress, most especially when they don’t match expectations. As mentioned above, it’s best not to take it at heart but laugh it off when given the opportunity.

New taco cravings from Burger King, Pancakes at my hotel this morning or expectation of some ores and many more in this article are good examples that show reality has saline humor. On the other hand, it’s apparent that our expectations can confuse us into believing that our goals will bring forth much more than they actually do, therefore we pursue the wrong goals.

Nevertheless, listed here 21 real-life scenarios where people had their expectations smashed before their very eyes, and instead of being all upset, they reached a decision to share and give readers a good laugh. Enjoy!

Restaurant’s charcuterie board as advertised looks like a picture they stole from somewhere else.

CageyCanadian -Via

Not a single head in this.

toomanyteeth55 -Via

Strawberry cheesecake ice-cream is supposed to have strawberry in it.

gooberdaisy -Via

Husband tried to make a dolphin for my cocktail. It’s the cutest eel I’ve ever seen.

CharmingtheCobra -Via

Says it’s cheese pizza. You can literally count the strands of cheese on it.

spilledrice -Via

I paid 8 dollars for this at the cinemas…

hathahuss -Via

Six months of backorder from West Elm for this.

pputkowski -Via

Is it too much to expect this thing to have Oreo on it?

Hypersheep12 -Via

Close enough.

eatsh*tanddieplease -Via

We got this Halloween mask last year from a Facebook ad.

mermaidgarden -Via

This woman was so excited for her Genie face mask. Then, she looked at herself.

amaliepatricia -Via

Homemade sourdough bread...

quaked2023 -Via

You can guess: it’s the new taco from Burger King.

aikotheaussie -Via

I did my best.

noysom-fritz -Via

Got this ring from a Facebook ad.

PolarBeaer -Via

Dog pumpkin Halloween costume.

NoFearIsHere -Via

How to get nightmares from cookies.

ApocalypseRj -Via

Waited for her Cactus Cat Scratcher order for 2 months to receive only the ropes without instructions, the wood or slip.

SimpleFloyd -Via

Finally reached the Cliffs of Moher, 2,874 miles away from home.

youngpotato307 -Via

My disappointing breakfast at the hotel.

Trev-Nastiest -Via

Dad tries not to strangle baby while doing this.

CaptainDadTV -Via

When you don’t check the size of the product you order.

BuddyBonb*tt -Via

Ordered from Wish, advertisement vs. actual product.

taste_fart -Via

Their definition of Burritos is tortilla without anything in it.

RadleyGames -Via

To think that this tree cost me $110.

0Aranda -Via

My girlfriend spent $100 to get me a White Claw cake for my birthday. She was less than pleased with the result.

dasheeown -Via