These 21 Families' Sense Of Humor Will Keep Your Lockdown Period Hilariously Entertained

It's lockdown day... you probably don't really remember how many days it has been since you're stuck at home with your family. The first few days were exciting since you get to wear pajama shorts during Zoom meetings and cuddle your pets when stressed with work. But two weeks later, you realize that you only have your humor with your family that keeps all of you sane.

Well, these families have got the best sense of humor that really makes them such precious people. They know how to spice things up and keep the kids entertained while parents sane.

#1 Dad loves to spook his kid like this.

Dennyboy101 -Via

#2 FYI you can't lick your elbow!

Dustin Dvorak -Via

#3 Dad has experience.

Troy Johnson -Via

#4 Maggie got a growth removed today and this is what my dad sent me.

sarah berg -Via

#5 You're a pun your whole life!

laura le -Via

#6 Texting with parents be like:

Brendan Gatward -Via

#7 When mom got a new pun.

some sort of geek freak -Via

#8 Our moms mocked our selfie at the dodger game.

satanscomedian -Via

#9 Dad...

Sean__Mitchell -Via

#10 'Yeah, I meowed to my dad for an hour by accident.'

Hira -Via

#11 Dad is a scammer, I knew it.

Archie Lawson -Via

#12 Went to my parents house today. My dad labeled his phone.

McMilto -Via

#13 "My mom always finds a way to surprise me on my birthday."

ggbuttstead -Via

#14 He knew. He just never told her that.

collegekate -Via

#15 Dad: I wanted to know if I am her real dad...

imgur -Via

#16 Uncle mission complete: To convince nephews this is how clouds are formed.

imgur -Via

#17 I asked my mom for a cool bookmark and this is what she gave me. Yes, that's my mom.

Bellsofjoy55 -Via

#18 Dad finally had a reason to congratulate his son.

imgur -Via

#19 Some dads can't be stopped.

tawdry hepburn -Via

#20 And some moms will never stop telling the world you're the best human to exist.

madi -Via

#21 No words are needed between two lovers.

*sigh*clops -Via